Thursday, 20 November 2014

Learning new skills

Not happy enough with my current list of crafty creative skills I've signed up for both an Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop online course.  I did actually mean to just sign up for the Illustrator one but accidentally enrolled for the Photoshop one by not reading the title properly so then I had to sign up for the Illustrator one as well.  They are only 6 weeks each and I've set the Illustrator one for a start of about half way through the Photoshop one so I don't get too overwhelmed with lessons.

I'm enjoying it so far, I've learnt some basic skills and how to use the brushes on an image to make it look more like a painting.

And, not happy with those two things, I also asked my family for the gift of a painting workshop for my birthday back in August.  It was on last weekend, for six hours on Sunday.  The idea, and title, of the workshop was to paint a large scale painting in a day.  My canvas is a metre squared and whilst this was a bit daunting to begin with for someone with no formal knowledge of painting it was a lot of fun once I got started.

Unfortunately I didn't quite finish so hopefully I'll get it done soon and then perhaps it can make its way to my bedroom in the country house, providing MR approves and I still like it as much as I do now.

 I love learning new things but it really isn't very helpful for getting projects I've already started finished!  I'm also working on a Christmas present and a crochet cushion cover for myself, although with Christmas sneaking up so fast I might have to leave off on the cushion cover and focus on the present if I want to get it finished in time in between doing my photoshop course!