Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday Snippets

sorting through my school things

enjoying a picnic and and outdoor movie with MR

tomatoes from our self sown tomato plant

a thirsty meow

a big stack of creative books from the library

a helpful (so she thinks) meow

enjoying goodies from my Christmas stocking

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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Getting my craft on

There's been a bit of creative productivity happening at my place this last week.

I've finished of a WIP from last Winter, this plaited cotton knit scarf...

There has also been an initiation to quilting when Sarah came over yesterday a sewing day and helped me plan my fabrics and design.  I spent the whole time cutting fabrics but managed to get it all laid out and ready to start sewing...

And check out the yummy lunch we had in between all our crafting - chicken pot pies by Sarah and a rocket, orange and pomegranate salad by me.

Last night while slothing on the couch watching the cricket, I whipped a my first Woollies for Tassie crochet square.  I'm sure you've all heard about it by now, but there is an appeal for 20cm knit or crochet squares for blankets for those families who have lost their homes in the Tasmanian bush fires.  This one is 8/9ths of a pattern from Spincushions crochet along which I'm contemplating belatedly joining in with!

Finally, I've been making some file covers and box labels for all my themes for school this year - everything will look a lot prettier soon!

I'm loving this bit of productivity, I know all too soon school will start back and I will certainly not have the time or energy to be getting so much done that isn't school related, particularly for the first month or two. 


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Working on a WIP

I decided, given my plan to be organised and finish stuff this year, that I'd best start off my creative year with the finishing off of a WIP. Particularly seeing as I have a couple of other projects that are about to be started in the next couple of days.

I plaited together what I've got so far and I think I like!

This project was started back in September. I saw a scarf on display at the Margaret River Wool Company and thought I might have a go at it myself. They had kits but I thought, it's a scarf, no need for a kit! Basically it is 3 balls of yarn, knit into long skinny scarves and then plaited together. It looked great hanging in the mannequin! However, it came to an abrupt halt after finishing colours one and two and ended up with two different lengths. Goodness knows why! (Perhaps i should have bought the kit after all!) I put it aside in a huff and then it got too hot anyway.

I've come back to it after some advice from MR's Mum who suggested a) it doesn't matter if they are different lengths b) she can help me to fix them to all be the same or c) I could add some tassels on the short one. I think I'm about halfway through the ball of peacock blue now, thanks to part 1 & 2 of the LOTR DVDs the past few nights and hopefully it'll almost be finished after part 3 tonight.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Look at the beautiful full rainbow I saw at sunset on the 30th December, one day early to farewell the old year and two to bring in the new one.  But I'll forgive Mother Nature, she can put on displays like this above my house anytime!  It was during the smallest of sun showers I've ever experienced, the pavement was pretty much dry the second after the rain drops hit the ground.  This was my first go at using the panorama feature on my iphone, simply because I couldn't fit it all in with one shot.  I was already standing on the road to take this and the Meow thought this meant it was okay for her to come and roll around on the road too.  That's my house at the end of the rainbow there on the right.  Does that mean a big pot of gold coming our way for 2013? Wouldn't that be lovely.

May 2013 bring you many moments of joy, plenty of good fortune and much healthiness!