Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Look at the beautiful full rainbow I saw at sunset on the 30th December, one day early to farewell the old year and two to bring in the new one.  But I'll forgive Mother Nature, she can put on displays like this above my house anytime!  It was during the smallest of sun showers I've ever experienced, the pavement was pretty much dry the second after the rain drops hit the ground.  This was my first go at using the panorama feature on my iphone, simply because I couldn't fit it all in with one shot.  I was already standing on the road to take this and the Meow thought this meant it was okay for her to come and roll around on the road too.  That's my house at the end of the rainbow there on the right.  Does that mean a big pot of gold coming our way for 2013? Wouldn't that be lovely.

May 2013 bring you many moments of joy, plenty of good fortune and much healthiness!


Bron said...

Happy New year....here's to all that organising you will be doing this year. xx

Kirsa said...

Hope you found that pot of gold! What a glorious start to 2013 if you did.

Best wishes for a rainbow everyday for you.


Kylie Hunt said...

Wow! Wonderful photo! Really makes you feel like something special is about to happen, doesn't it? Happy New Year :) Kx

simona said...

Gorgeous photo! It looks like you could almost touch the rainbow, it's so close, and the sun rays seem to paint everything with a warm gold tone. Aren't you glad you didn't miss that moment?!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing photo and I think your place at the end of the rainbow is a definite sign :)

Especially considering your financial organisation mission this year!