Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Working on a WIP

I decided, given my plan to be organised and finish stuff this year, that I'd best start off my creative year with the finishing off of a WIP. Particularly seeing as I have a couple of other projects that are about to be started in the next couple of days.

I plaited together what I've got so far and I think I like!

This project was started back in September. I saw a scarf on display at the Margaret River Wool Company and thought I might have a go at it myself. They had kits but I thought, it's a scarf, no need for a kit! Basically it is 3 balls of yarn, knit into long skinny scarves and then plaited together. It looked great hanging in the mannequin! However, it came to an abrupt halt after finishing colours one and two and ended up with two different lengths. Goodness knows why! (Perhaps i should have bought the kit after all!) I put it aside in a huff and then it got too hot anyway.

I've come back to it after some advice from MR's Mum who suggested a) it doesn't matter if they are different lengths b) she can help me to fix them to all be the same or c) I could add some tassels on the short one. I think I'm about halfway through the ball of peacock blue now, thanks to part 1 & 2 of the LOTR DVDs the past few nights and hopefully it'll almost be finished after part 3 tonight.


San @ Made in Hem said...

Oh, I throw things in the corner whan they don't end up the same... I had it once with a pair of socks that striped totally different. I did finish them in the end but never really like wearing them since they are so different... Hope your shawl ends up better and wearable!!! ♥

sarah said...

Can't believe I haven't seen this idea before actually? So simple but looks great!