Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday Snippets

sorting through my school things

enjoying a picnic and and outdoor movie with MR

tomatoes from our self sown tomato plant

a thirsty meow

a big stack of creative books from the library

a helpful (so she thinks) meow

enjoying goodies from my Christmas stocking

more snippets over at Tinniegirl's


Courtney said...

thanks for stopping by the blog! I used to adore wizz fizz as a kid, I probably still love it as an adult lol, adoring your book pile too!
xx Courtney
Little Raven Ink

Wendy Sice said...

I'm about to do the buying of plastic containers for school as well, lol!

Michelle said...

Looks like a busy weekend, at least it has been a bit cooler today. Those tomatoes look delicious, sitting there ready to be thrown into a fresh salad :)

Bron said...

Looks like you are really enjoying the last days of school holidays well. xx

Jodie Sinclair said...

Great photo's showing a great story. Love your meow and those ruby red tomatoes.

San @ Made in Hem said...

Oh, that stack of books... Wish I could just dive in, dabble through, flip the pages and enjoy them for a while!!! ♥

Sally said...

Love Wizz Fizz too!!!

Hey... you've been as slack a blogger as I have this year :) ... resting up today so trying to catch up with everyone.