Monday, 22 April 2013

Many Good Things

Today is the first day of school holidays.

Need I say more about good things when the above is the case?

Not really, but I shall.

Not only was it the first day of school holidays but I also woke up to rain on the roof.  How good is rain of the roof when you get to stay in bed?

I am still in my pyjamas and it is 3:15pm.

I got to have yummy banana bread that I baked yesterday for breakfast.

The house is relatively clean because MR vacuumed yesterday.

I managed to find the energy to do a double batch of baking yesterday as well as go to Brown Owls, (amazing what you can get done when you don't need to conserve energy for a week of work) and so MR has headed back to work this morning with two containers of ANZAC biscuits to snack on (his favourite).  

I went to Brown Owls yesterday and had fun chatting and stitching away at this.

I have a $100 reward shopper voucher from Picnic/Hobbs and a $20 one from Myer burning a hole in my wallet for some retail therapy later in the week.

I have a massage booked for Friday.

I have a lovely stack of books from the library just waiting to be read.

My cold seems to be getting better.

MR and I went to Cirque du Soleil's Ovo show during the week and it was just as amazing as expected.  And the bouncing lizards?  Even more amazing!

My baking cupboard has been reorganised as well as finding enough space to have a dedicated pots, pans and frying pans cupboard.  (Today's job is to reorganise the plastics cupboard and tomorrow's job is the pantry)

We got our soil tested on the weekend and have started the steps to improve it so things will actually grow.

In the small area of the garden where things do actually grow, there are buds on my loquat tree for the first time which will hopefully turn into fruit.

And best of all, Summer seems to have finally ended, leaving Autumn a chance to shine (and pour, as it did all night and morning).


What is good in your world at the moment?


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Back to basics

Once upon a time, way back in the beginning of this blog, it was a lot more about good stuff.  And if not nice big good stuff, then the little good stuff. 

There was Maxabella's grateful type good stuff, until it moved to kidspot and childless me felt even more a bit out of place than usual amongst the onslaught on Mummy bloggers. 

There was also my silver lining.  The partial inspiration of my blog name.  I haven't really used my silver lining blog label with any regularity in a long long while now.  And not just because I've been the slackest blogger ever of late.  Well before I petered off. 

Since getting back into work I have felt completely flat out.  It's been great working again but the lack of energy hit me and it's taken til now, after a lovely five day break over Easter in which I didn't leave the house for three days, that I'm finally starting to feel a bit more energetic.  Like maybe I've got my head around this working three days a week business and maybe I can start doing something other than feeling exhausted and shell shocked on the other four days.  You see, I really have done very little of interest to blog about.  Work has got in the way of living, which we know is not the way it is supposed to be, but I have been confident hopeful that my body was going to get used to it again and things would start to balance out.  Fingers crossed that's what happening now.

So now it's time to get back into the good stuff that's been happening in my world.  Big things as well as little things.  Probably mostly little things, because that's what makes each day count.

1. There was much fun last night with MR as we spent a bit of time trying to work out what pattern we had in our fingerprints without actually printing them on anything (don't ask me why we were doing this at 9:30pm, I can't quite remember).  And much hilarity (by me at least) as we both tried to say 'whorl' without sounding like we were drawling American's from the deep south. 

2. Last week I had some lovely retail therapy success for the first time in ages, finding not one but two jackets that actually looked nice and had arms that were long enough.  And a new pair of jeans that were reduced from $230 to $90.  They're on layby at the moment because I was actually just looking for a new top...

3. I have been doing lots of reading lately and really enjoying the peace, quiet and lack of screen time.  On the weekend I read the entire 1111 page World Without End by Ken Follett.  Not my usual sort of read but I really liked it.  I've been trying to branch out in my reading style lately.

What good stuff has been happening in your life lately?