Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all have a wonderful, safe and family/friend filled Christmas!
(with plenty of yummy food!)


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Go to Shekki

Because they are AWESOME!

Bathers shopping.  I've posted about it before here and how I was dreading it with the massive scar to cover.

I went to one well name bathers shop in Subiaco that has been there for donkeys, those of us in Perth will know the one I mean.  Absolutely shocking service.  So SO bad.  I was in the change room, by myself and without a friend to help assess how dreadful they looked or get different sizes for me, for about 20 minutes and even though the lady had said she would put her head in in a few minutes to see if needed any help, all I could hear them doing was gossiping about this and that.  No interest at all. So cross. And I told them off when I left.  Which I don't often do.

So a lovely friend on FB suggested this place called Shekki which I had actually never heard of.  It is in Kearns Cresent near Applecross Pizza for those Perthites in the know.  Such good service.  They have bells in the change room so you can be left alone but call for help when needed.  Honest opinions from sales assistants, not just recommending the more expensive one.  You can take 15 pairs in at a time if you so want.  SO So SOOOO good. 

And I got a pair.  They are even semi sexy like.  They are tryhard bikinis. Just want I needed.  Just a covering over the middle.  I got them in the black but you can see on the white ones they just look like a bikini from the back AND they have a ruffle over the bum.  Ruffle bum! I always love the baby bottoms you see everywhere with ruffle bums.  Now I have ruffle bum too!  My scar hangs out a bit on the right side where it extends further but that's okay, I can deal with that.  I am happy with them!  And even more I am happy with the fantastic service.  It really makes the experience.

left image             right image


You know when you have a moment or a word that defines something so essentially that henceforth it is known solely by that word?  If you are anything like me you do.

Stick blenders.  (Stick with me folks, I am getting somewhere with this)

What a dreadful name.

So a few years ago out in Kellerberrin at a dinner with friends, one of my friend's soon to be husband announced that he called their stick blender a 'jooja'.  There was much much much hilarity over this and the hand movements that go with utilising the stick blender as you can imagine in our drunken state.  In fact it would have to be one of the funniest nights of my life. Now 'joojer' is a very hard word to spell because it's pronounciation is quite different.  Friend's husband to be said the 'j' was a bit just the 'zs' in Zsa Zsa (not that I even knew how to pronounce that name before)  but it couldn't be spelt zsoozsa because that just didn't work.  Its pretty hard to sound out phonetically but imagine the 'Ja' in Jacques and keep the J sound but change it to a 'oo' as in book then the 'ja' of jacques at the end.


From that day forth, stick blenders became joojas and that is just all there is to it.  It is much more fun to say you must admit.  And of course, it is derived from it's onomatopoeia - the sound it makes as you blend.  I can picture you saying it aloud right now to see if it fits (jooo jooo jooo jooo) therefore, it is a joojer, or a jooja as we decided after much debate as to how it should be spelt.


I did have a point to this topic and it is SMOOTHIES.  Not joojas.  Although you do need a jooja to make a smoothie.  Generally.

via the really small fine print next to the image that I can't read no matter how hard I try

I am bored of toast.  So I have been rocking smoothies.  I am a bit boring and make the same ones each time but I have had a couple of different ones and my favourite changes slightly each time.

Today's smoothie was of the banana variety.  My favourite.  Two bananas, because I tasted it after one and it wasn't enough.  Three ice blocks and a berry antioxidant smoothie cube.  A tub of vanilla lactose free yoghurt (doesn't taste a skerrick different), a spoon of honey, a sprinkle of chia seeds, a sprinkle of flaked almonds (a new addition for today, sometimes its a small handful of oats) and a dash or two of milk (lactose type because the shop hasn't been stocking my lactose free one the bastards).

And it is delightful.  Yesterday it lasted me about 7.5hrs until I felt hungry again, although my appetite in general has diminished a rather large amount.

The other one I have had was one MR's Mum made for me which she cut out of the newspaper because it was lactose free and she thought of me (so lovely).  It is a peach and banana one.  It involves one peach (I went for white flesh), one banana, one cup of apple juice (made it very sweet, next time I would just do one juiced apple) and 1/2 cup of ice.  Yum.

A lady at work was also telling me about one which involves chard, a frozen banana and a pear but I'm sure it had something else in it and I don't remember quantities so I must ask her when I see her after Christmas for a kinaeseologist session.  My first - I'm looking forward to it!

So today's questions....

What's your favourite smoothie combo?

Have you got a funny word for a thing stemming from a particular event that can now longer be known by its proper name?


Have you ever had kinaeseology done? Useful?

PS.  I thought of another word of mine.  You know those rubber flat square/round things you use to open jars because you are I am a weakling?  Well, since my teenage years it has been known as "The Man" because one day I couldn't open a jar (a regular occurance, believe me) and I said to my sister (Dad wasn't home) 'where is a man when you need one'  and we scuffled through the drawer looking for something to use to open it and I pulled it out and said 'Oh look. A Man.'  My Dad even calls it The Man.

PPS.  I haven't slept yet.  Apologies for my random crazy waffle.

PPPS. Rescheduled counsellor appointment tomorrow morning. Later this time - 11am.  Must wake up.  Must also go to sleep first...

Friday, 16 December 2011

The Anti Scrooge

This has been me lately, major retail therapy  has been happening since hospital exodus.  I ca just justify it so well and in so many ways...

- I just had major surgery and was stuck in hospital for 5 weeks
- Its the new summer season, clothes updating needed
- I've lost 9kg so nothing fits
- I need to buy myself a Christmas treat (or six, or fourteen)

To date I have bought a blend of bargain and splurge, which is a nice way to go about it I think.  Also a nice way to justify to MR.

I have bought seven tops from Kmart, two pairs of denim shorts (one which is now too big) from Just Jeans/Jeanswest, a Cotton On prettty floral dress which has annoyingly shrunk in the wash just that bit too much than is decent for a respectable young lady (or old lady, or any lady) and a dress from a little boutique in Subiaco which was on sale for $20.  Bargains.

But then I have bought three tops and a black and white spotty dress (now too big as well) from Myer, two pairs of shoes and a beautiful floaty white dress.  Splurge.

And an abundance of Christmas lights.  Because I came very close to not being here for this Christmas, or any other Christmas for that matter and so it has to be big and shiny and twinkly lightsy.  Ideally, if we owned a ladder (MR is intending to purchase one but it has to meet his highly selective criteria before purchase and therefore I cannot go out and buy a cheapy one from Bunnings) I would be wanting decorations on my roof as well.  So it is probably a doubly good thing we do not own a ladder because I'm sure every member of mine and MR's family and MR himself would totally bust my ass if I climbed a ladder onto the roof in my 'delicate' condition (cough-I'm-fine-cough) and also my poor credit card would be looking even more dismal. So instead I have satisfied myself with icicles out the back (hung by MR's dad), lanterns, a Christmas tree shaped (read triangle) array on my sliding door made from a stretchy tube lighting set and some of those very clever 3M removable plastic hooks, a star in the front window, windings of lights around our two pillars either side of the front door, and the Christmas tree itself.  Quite enough to be going on with I think.  Oh. And an arrangement of snowflake lights in our front entry way.  I do love Christmas.  And spending money!

Not only have I gone overboard on myself, I have also gone overboard in every department this Christmas.  Fancy ham from the Boatshed in Cottesloe, express posted cheeses from the Denmark Farmhouse Cheeses which have our very favourite - fromage, a soft ricotta like cheese with onion and garlic.  Oh Yum. (They don't stock anywhere in Perth so ultra decadent getting them posted up in cooler bags) The presents department hasd gone overboard too.  I will regret it when my credit card is over its limit, but right now I am having F U N.

I should take photos but that all seems too hard at the moment and the ones I have taken of my Christmas lights turned out poopy.  So you will have to use your clever and creative imaginations!

It has been my retail therapy today.  I missed my counsellor appointment which I was Very Annoyed about, all my own fault.  I slept through my three alarms.  Woops.  Woke up over an hour later than I was supposed to be there.  Good work Megan.  I've rebooked for next Thursday but needed a pick me up in the meantime.  Hello one new pair of shoes and floaty white dress of Splurgeville.  Ahh yes.  Lovely mood now!

Thursday, 15 December 2011


Lovely, complicated wrappings 
sheath the gift of one day more

Breathless, I untie the package - 
never lived this day before. 

Gloria Gaither

A friend sent me this message this evening.  Right when I was feeling the need to escape.  Jump on a plane and fly away from my life, preferably leaving my new liver, a big ugly scar, a dose of leukaemia and big box of drugs behind.

Not asking too much am I?

Lucky I have a wonderful friend who knows when I need her and an absolutely amazing boy who listens to me sob over the phone.  I find it hard when My Rock is away.  I think I have developed too strong a dependence on him.

I also think I've reached the 'why me?' stage.  I just want my old normal back.

I try to hide the tears and anxiety behind Christmas excitement but it still manages to ooze out of the edges.

Particularly at night.

So I will lie under the Christmas tree looking up at the pretty lights and read my friend's message and try to stay positive.  And try to channel sleep.

It is my first counsellor visit tomorrow morning.  Well today seeing as it is 2.30am.  I am apprehensive but relieved all at the same time.  I can't believe I've been through all this and am only finally having access to a counsellor.  9 weeks post surgery today.  Perhaps that explains a few things...

Sunday, 11 December 2011

In-law lottery

Mr Rock's parents are staying with me at the moment while MR is away at work and my dad and sis are in Cambodia doing work for Dad's foundation, Aus Assist Asian Development Fund which is currently building a school in a small town near Phnom Pen. We weren't sure if I'd have my license back by now so it was planned in advance.

Initially it was just supposed to be MRs mum, let's call her G, but his dad, M, is down for a few days too (they live in the country about 3hrs away). Initially I was a little nervous about this as while I am incredibly lucky and get on with them really well (in fact, MR has the most awesome family including really friendly and welcoming cousins), I hadn't spent multiple days with them on my own when I'm healthy and definitely not when I'm not feeling the best.

But it's been fine. In fact beyond fine, really great! G has been cooking dinners, making me healthy smoothies and generally trying to put some weight back on me. She is also an exercise fanatic and has been kicking my bum out the door at least every second night for a brisk walk (3 kms today!) which I totally need because I have no motivation or desire to go by myself and it is one of the things I am supposed to be doing for my rehab. We've been chatting and gossiping and shopping and comparing outfits and planning Xmas dinner and everything. She is also a nurse so I can ask her if I have any liver concerns or questions about my scar. And she even understands that I need quiet rest time and heads out on her own to shop or catch up with friends. Honestly. I have really hit the jackpot of (hopefully one day) in-laws!

M has put up some of my outdoor Xmas lights for me and done a huge patch of weeding where I want my veggie garden to be. I feel really spoilt and so lucky to have them because I know plenty of people who can't stand their in-laws!

How has your luck run in the in-law lottery?

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bras, cars and other associated miscellanea


New milestones for the week...

- First bra wearing! Of course, having lost about 8 kgs means I've decreased in bra sizes by about a cup and a half so I had to fossick in the back of the drawer for an old smaller one which hadn't been thrown out, thank goodness for lack of organisation!  I have never been a fan of bras so I was happily hanging free for the past few months but lets face it ladies, boobs look way better in bras.  There's just no argument.  (Unless you're a perky 16 year old)

- Today I drove my car for the first time after the all clear from the doctor, the physio and the pain management specialist.  Excellent.  I now feel like an adult again.  I did ruin the sedate adulthoodness of it all by boucning, waving and grinning madly like a loonie to MR who I was dropping off at the airport to go back to work ( :(  )  Independence is a precious thing. 

- Liver gym.  Who woulda thunk there was such a thing?  At the hospital there are gym classes run by the physios for people who have had or are awaiting a liver transplant.  Excellent opportunity to meet others who have experienced it and to get back into shape after the op.  And they want me to go twice a week for a few months.  And I don't have to pay anything.  Fabulous!  My first session was on Monday and I did just fine.  I'm only doing one session this week and next week I have my school's final assembly so I'll only make it to one session next week but after than I plan to make the most of free gym and build up those back muscles so I can get rid of the bloody awful back pain.

So exciting times abound my way.  However, the next thing on my list of things to achieve is not quite so exciting.

Bathers shopping.

Dreadful at the best of times, now it is downright shit.  Unless I want to flash a gimoungo red scar to the world (no thanks) its a bathers onesie for me.  Every pair I have tried on so far (two) has made me feel as though I should have three children under 5 hanging off my leg.  A bit mumsie.  Which is fine for mums, they are very nice bathers with lots of underwire and moulded cups and support.  But I don't really need that.  I still feel I have a few years of sexy svelte bathing attire left in me, especially after milestone number one shrinkage.  I need a size 12 for my hips and my boobs really only want a 10 or less.  And you can't mix and match a onesie.

So I've hit the internet for some inspiration and please, if you have seen any lovely onesies (or tankinis because let's face it, getting a onesie bathing suit on while dry is a bloody challenge so I can only imagine what it will be like when wet) please please send links and shop names my way.  Preferably available in WA!

What bikini, takini, onesie are you rocking this year?  I saw some very pretty bikinis in my searches!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Since September...


... I haven't had a fizzy drink (until tonight, which is what got me thinking about what else has been missing lately)

... I haven't worked

... I haven't had an alcoholic drink

... I haven't driven a car

... I haven't worn a bra (and I'm certainly not complaining!)

... I haven't worn heels, or anything besides thongs and uggies (and clothes of course - no mental images of me swanning around naked except for uggies please)

... I haven't baked anything sweet (which must be remedied soon...)

I'm not complaining, there are many things I have done that have been mini milestones for me.  Just this week I managed to hang a sheet on the line (previously too heavy) and I even put the clean sheets on the bed too. (*gasp*)  It sounds ridiculous I know, but we have a king size bed and it's a sleigh bed so the mattress sits inside the frame and it's bloody heavy.  You have to pick it up to tuck the sheets in and it was hard for me to do before my op so I'm incredibly pleased to be able to manage it again already.

What haven't you done for a while?  Do you miss it?


Merry December!

The silly season is officially started - not that I am going to be particularly silly.  I have a nasty feeling that when I ask my doctor if I am allowed to have one drink of the alcoholic variety on Christmas Day that he is going to laugh at me and tell me not to be ridiculous, I can never drink again.  A small price to pay for life of course however, I do like to have a drink or two on the odd social occasion.  Cross your fingers for me next Thursday (appointment day)!

Today also marks the beginning of the cricket season.  Ahhh yes.  Quality day time TV viewing, excellent.  I love nothing more than the three C's - Cricket and Crochet on the Couch.  And the best thing?  I can do it allllll December (and January) without feeling guilty because I have no job to be at. 

Last night I stitched in the ends to a stack of crochet stars while watching TV, not cricket but One Tree Hill.  A friend gave me her set of all the seasons to watch while I recover.  I just started Season 1 last night, totally sucked in already.

The pink and white ones are going to my sister for her tree and the red and blue ones will be hanging on my tree... decoration day is being held off til tomorrow when MR flies in much to his delight... (where's that sarcasm font when you need it!)

Earlier this week I got outside for some creativity.  It was such a nice day so I got out the paper supplies, cutters, punches, stamps and ink and sat outside making some wrapping paper and gift tags.

After experimenting with the glitter I decided to go with the au natural ones. 
Annoyed my punch didn't go through the cardboard of the square ones!

How's the creativity going in your neck of the woods?  I'm anticipating lots of Christmas tree photos!