Thursday, 1 December 2011

Merry December!

The silly season is officially started - not that I am going to be particularly silly.  I have a nasty feeling that when I ask my doctor if I am allowed to have one drink of the alcoholic variety on Christmas Day that he is going to laugh at me and tell me not to be ridiculous, I can never drink again.  A small price to pay for life of course however, I do like to have a drink or two on the odd social occasion.  Cross your fingers for me next Thursday (appointment day)!

Today also marks the beginning of the cricket season.  Ahhh yes.  Quality day time TV viewing, excellent.  I love nothing more than the three C's - Cricket and Crochet on the Couch.  And the best thing?  I can do it allllll December (and January) without feeling guilty because I have no job to be at. 

Last night I stitched in the ends to a stack of crochet stars while watching TV, not cricket but One Tree Hill.  A friend gave me her set of all the seasons to watch while I recover.  I just started Season 1 last night, totally sucked in already.

The pink and white ones are going to my sister for her tree and the red and blue ones will be hanging on my tree... decoration day is being held off til tomorrow when MR flies in much to his delight... (where's that sarcasm font when you need it!)

Earlier this week I got outside for some creativity.  It was such a nice day so I got out the paper supplies, cutters, punches, stamps and ink and sat outside making some wrapping paper and gift tags.

After experimenting with the glitter I decided to go with the au natural ones. 
Annoyed my punch didn't go through the cardboard of the square ones!

How's the creativity going in your neck of the woods?  I'm anticipating lots of Christmas tree photos!


Felicity said...

Your creativity has sparked me to dig out my own stamps and start getting into the spirit of the season - thanks!

Happy day!

Sally said...

Sounds great. Cricket, Crochet, Couch. YAY for summer time. All of your decorations are looking fantastic.

2paw said...

No tree here, or really any decorations but your starts are looking good. I really like brown paper as wrapping I like the plain tags best too!!