Friday, 16 December 2011

The Anti Scrooge

This has been me lately, major retail therapy  has been happening since hospital exodus.  I ca just justify it so well and in so many ways...

- I just had major surgery and was stuck in hospital for 5 weeks
- Its the new summer season, clothes updating needed
- I've lost 9kg so nothing fits
- I need to buy myself a Christmas treat (or six, or fourteen)

To date I have bought a blend of bargain and splurge, which is a nice way to go about it I think.  Also a nice way to justify to MR.

I have bought seven tops from Kmart, two pairs of denim shorts (one which is now too big) from Just Jeans/Jeanswest, a Cotton On prettty floral dress which has annoyingly shrunk in the wash just that bit too much than is decent for a respectable young lady (or old lady, or any lady) and a dress from a little boutique in Subiaco which was on sale for $20.  Bargains.

But then I have bought three tops and a black and white spotty dress (now too big as well) from Myer, two pairs of shoes and a beautiful floaty white dress.  Splurge.

And an abundance of Christmas lights.  Because I came very close to not being here for this Christmas, or any other Christmas for that matter and so it has to be big and shiny and twinkly lightsy.  Ideally, if we owned a ladder (MR is intending to purchase one but it has to meet his highly selective criteria before purchase and therefore I cannot go out and buy a cheapy one from Bunnings) I would be wanting decorations on my roof as well.  So it is probably a doubly good thing we do not own a ladder because I'm sure every member of mine and MR's family and MR himself would totally bust my ass if I climbed a ladder onto the roof in my 'delicate' condition (cough-I'm-fine-cough) and also my poor credit card would be looking even more dismal. So instead I have satisfied myself with icicles out the back (hung by MR's dad), lanterns, a Christmas tree shaped (read triangle) array on my sliding door made from a stretchy tube lighting set and some of those very clever 3M removable plastic hooks, a star in the front window, windings of lights around our two pillars either side of the front door, and the Christmas tree itself.  Quite enough to be going on with I think.  Oh. And an arrangement of snowflake lights in our front entry way.  I do love Christmas.  And spending money!

Not only have I gone overboard on myself, I have also gone overboard in every department this Christmas.  Fancy ham from the Boatshed in Cottesloe, express posted cheeses from the Denmark Farmhouse Cheeses which have our very favourite - fromage, a soft ricotta like cheese with onion and garlic.  Oh Yum. (They don't stock anywhere in Perth so ultra decadent getting them posted up in cooler bags) The presents department hasd gone overboard too.  I will regret it when my credit card is over its limit, but right now I am having F U N.

I should take photos but that all seems too hard at the moment and the ones I have taken of my Christmas lights turned out poopy.  So you will have to use your clever and creative imaginations!

It has been my retail therapy today.  I missed my counsellor appointment which I was Very Annoyed about, all my own fault.  I slept through my three alarms.  Woops.  Woke up over an hour later than I was supposed to be there.  Good work Megan.  I've rebooked for next Thursday but needed a pick me up in the meantime.  Hello one new pair of shoes and floaty white dress of Splurgeville.  Ahh yes.  Lovely mood now!


E. said...

I love he way you described your decorations. Girl Child always wants lots of decorations and lights so I'm sure she would be impressed with yours.

I'm glad that you are out and about. Im pretty sure that ths Christmas you can splurge and pamper yourself. Being alive is a damn good reason in my opinion.

Merry Christmas to ou, MR and your families.

Sally said...

You deserve it all.

2paw said...

Yes, I think you are quite right to appreciate your Christmas and also not to get up any ladder at all!! Your shopping splurge sounds wonderfully cheering. I have slept through appointments too. You must have needed the sleep!!