Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bras, cars and other associated miscellanea


New milestones for the week...

- First bra wearing! Of course, having lost about 8 kgs means I've decreased in bra sizes by about a cup and a half so I had to fossick in the back of the drawer for an old smaller one which hadn't been thrown out, thank goodness for lack of organisation!  I have never been a fan of bras so I was happily hanging free for the past few months but lets face it ladies, boobs look way better in bras.  There's just no argument.  (Unless you're a perky 16 year old)

- Today I drove my car for the first time after the all clear from the doctor, the physio and the pain management specialist.  Excellent.  I now feel like an adult again.  I did ruin the sedate adulthoodness of it all by boucning, waving and grinning madly like a loonie to MR who I was dropping off at the airport to go back to work ( :(  )  Independence is a precious thing. 

- Liver gym.  Who woulda thunk there was such a thing?  At the hospital there are gym classes run by the physios for people who have had or are awaiting a liver transplant.  Excellent opportunity to meet others who have experienced it and to get back into shape after the op.  And they want me to go twice a week for a few months.  And I don't have to pay anything.  Fabulous!  My first session was on Monday and I did just fine.  I'm only doing one session this week and next week I have my school's final assembly so I'll only make it to one session next week but after than I plan to make the most of free gym and build up those back muscles so I can get rid of the bloody awful back pain.

So exciting times abound my way.  However, the next thing on my list of things to achieve is not quite so exciting.

Bathers shopping.

Dreadful at the best of times, now it is downright shit.  Unless I want to flash a gimoungo red scar to the world (no thanks) its a bathers onesie for me.  Every pair I have tried on so far (two) has made me feel as though I should have three children under 5 hanging off my leg.  A bit mumsie.  Which is fine for mums, they are very nice bathers with lots of underwire and moulded cups and support.  But I don't really need that.  I still feel I have a few years of sexy svelte bathing attire left in me, especially after milestone number one shrinkage.  I need a size 12 for my hips and my boobs really only want a 10 or less.  And you can't mix and match a onesie.

So I've hit the internet for some inspiration and please, if you have seen any lovely onesies (or tankinis because let's face it, getting a onesie bathing suit on while dry is a bloody challenge so I can only imagine what it will be like when wet) please please send links and shop names my way.  Preferably available in WA!

What bikini, takini, onesie are you rocking this year?  I saw some very pretty bikinis in my searches!


Sally said...

Humpf. What are you saying about people with three children under five hanging of their legs??? ;)

CurlyPops said...

OMG the whole 'no bra' thing is completely freaking me out still... although I'd be quite happy if I managed to go down a cup size.
I have no clue on the bathers thing but I prefer a tankini. I think it's much more comfy and easier to get on and off.

2paw said...

I don't own any bathers, I don't like swimming in a public pool, you never know what is in it, and our river is horrid. If you are a rower and fall in you have to go to the hospital. The gym for your liver sounds great. I was so happy when I could drive again too, it is such a great feeling to be independent!!
Go the tankini I reckon.

2paw said...

Ruching is flattering for a bit of a boost!!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I think you should go cute and cheerful, that blue polka dot number with the frill is so gorgeous....if only I was 20 yrs younger, 2 kids less and 10kilos lighter I would be wearing it myself ;-)

Michelle said...

I hate wearing bras - I'm a fan of the singlets with built in bra crop thingos! Sounds like your getting your mojo back there girly good to hear x

Bek said...

Good to see you are on the mend. I hope you are getting more sleep these days too. Good luck with the bathers, I hope you find some you like. I like the light greeny colored ones with spots, pretty.