Thursday, 1 December 2011

Since September...


... I haven't had a fizzy drink (until tonight, which is what got me thinking about what else has been missing lately)

... I haven't worked

... I haven't had an alcoholic drink

... I haven't driven a car

... I haven't worn a bra (and I'm certainly not complaining!)

... I haven't worn heels, or anything besides thongs and uggies (and clothes of course - no mental images of me swanning around naked except for uggies please)

... I haven't baked anything sweet (which must be remedied soon...)

I'm not complaining, there are many things I have done that have been mini milestones for me.  Just this week I managed to hang a sheet on the line (previously too heavy) and I even put the clean sheets on the bed too. (*gasp*)  It sounds ridiculous I know, but we have a king size bed and it's a sleigh bed so the mattress sits inside the frame and it's bloody heavy.  You have to pick it up to tuck the sheets in and it was hard for me to do before my op so I'm incredibly pleased to be able to manage it again already.

What haven't you done for a while?  Do you miss it?



CurlyPops said...

There are soooooooo many things I haven't done for such a long while, but I'm making a to-do list for afterwards.
Number 1 is Ride a Bike!

Sally said...

A moment on my own!

Making beds is full on. We've got a queen and even that is very tricky and heavy to make.

2paw said...

I always need to lie down on the bed for a rest immediately after it is made, and changing it is even more tiring. You are doing so well to make such gains in health!!