Wednesday, 21 December 2011


You know when you have a moment or a word that defines something so essentially that henceforth it is known solely by that word?  If you are anything like me you do.

Stick blenders.  (Stick with me folks, I am getting somewhere with this)

What a dreadful name.

So a few years ago out in Kellerberrin at a dinner with friends, one of my friend's soon to be husband announced that he called their stick blender a 'jooja'.  There was much much much hilarity over this and the hand movements that go with utilising the stick blender as you can imagine in our drunken state.  In fact it would have to be one of the funniest nights of my life. Now 'joojer' is a very hard word to spell because it's pronounciation is quite different.  Friend's husband to be said the 'j' was a bit just the 'zs' in Zsa Zsa (not that I even knew how to pronounce that name before)  but it couldn't be spelt zsoozsa because that just didn't work.  Its pretty hard to sound out phonetically but imagine the 'Ja' in Jacques and keep the J sound but change it to a 'oo' as in book then the 'ja' of jacques at the end.


From that day forth, stick blenders became joojas and that is just all there is to it.  It is much more fun to say you must admit.  And of course, it is derived from it's onomatopoeia - the sound it makes as you blend.  I can picture you saying it aloud right now to see if it fits (jooo jooo jooo jooo) therefore, it is a joojer, or a jooja as we decided after much debate as to how it should be spelt.


I did have a point to this topic and it is SMOOTHIES.  Not joojas.  Although you do need a jooja to make a smoothie.  Generally.

via the really small fine print next to the image that I can't read no matter how hard I try

I am bored of toast.  So I have been rocking smoothies.  I am a bit boring and make the same ones each time but I have had a couple of different ones and my favourite changes slightly each time.

Today's smoothie was of the banana variety.  My favourite.  Two bananas, because I tasted it after one and it wasn't enough.  Three ice blocks and a berry antioxidant smoothie cube.  A tub of vanilla lactose free yoghurt (doesn't taste a skerrick different), a spoon of honey, a sprinkle of chia seeds, a sprinkle of flaked almonds (a new addition for today, sometimes its a small handful of oats) and a dash or two of milk (lactose type because the shop hasn't been stocking my lactose free one the bastards).

And it is delightful.  Yesterday it lasted me about 7.5hrs until I felt hungry again, although my appetite in general has diminished a rather large amount.

The other one I have had was one MR's Mum made for me which she cut out of the newspaper because it was lactose free and she thought of me (so lovely).  It is a peach and banana one.  It involves one peach (I went for white flesh), one banana, one cup of apple juice (made it very sweet, next time I would just do one juiced apple) and 1/2 cup of ice.  Yum.

A lady at work was also telling me about one which involves chard, a frozen banana and a pear but I'm sure it had something else in it and I don't remember quantities so I must ask her when I see her after Christmas for a kinaeseologist session.  My first - I'm looking forward to it!

So today's questions....

What's your favourite smoothie combo?

Have you got a funny word for a thing stemming from a particular event that can now longer be known by its proper name?


Have you ever had kinaeseology done? Useful?

PS.  I thought of another word of mine.  You know those rubber flat square/round things you use to open jars because you are I am a weakling?  Well, since my teenage years it has been known as "The Man" because one day I couldn't open a jar (a regular occurance, believe me) and I said to my sister (Dad wasn't home) 'where is a man when you need one'  and we scuffled through the drawer looking for something to use to open it and I pulled it out and said 'Oh look. A Man.'  My Dad even calls it The Man.

PPS.  I haven't slept yet.  Apologies for my random crazy waffle.

PPPS. Rescheduled counsellor appointment tomorrow morning. Later this time - 11am.  Must wake up.  Must also go to sleep first...


Baa-Me Kniits said...

Oh no I think I will be calling the stick blender a jooja from now on too....that was funny! And The Man, very clever :-) My favourite smoothie is mango and orange with yogurt....sort of like the Indian lassi's Yummbo!

I don't think I have any funny names for things except I usually just say the whatsit and thingamebob and hope whoever I am talking to knows what I mean...I blame it on the hormones :-)

Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

PS My friend does Kinaeseology and she swears by it!

2paw said...

The urban dictionary spells it: zhuzh. They mean the zhuzhing you do when you primp your hair, but that's how I imagine the noise. I quite like beetroot in things lemon, apple, parsley, lemon, ginger, carrot. Any combination. Yum. We have family names for things too!! We call eggs cackleberries!!