Thursday, 31 March 2011

Crazy Hilarity and Scatty Brainedness

This week I've received some Very Big Unexpected News (VBUN) and since then have been having major cases of Scatty Brain.  And instead of getting annoyed about it, I'm finding it absolutely f-ing hilarious.

Yesterday, some of our new furniture arrived and I had to help carry in two bookcases, a tallboy and a chest of drawers because the stupid furniture shop's idea of 'Delivery' is literally just that, Delivery and then you help carry it in.  Normally, I would be slightly peeved but deal with it as I'm really not a confrontational person.  However, after the VBUN, I had no room left for any more acceptance so I blew my top, rung the owner (the courier they organise to deliver the stuff had his number) and stood in my driveway and yelled at him while flapping my arms around like a crazy woman.  It resulted in a cheque refunding the delivery charges (if they actually send it) and I felt much better after venting some emotion. 

Anyhow, back to that Scatty Brain.  So I had to help carry the stuff in and it was Heavy.  But we did it.  Yay!  New furniture.  Excitement and all sorts.  I ring my other half to tell him and he asks if they sent the right bookcases because there were two different kinds and we wanted to make sure they matched.  I go to check. 'Yep, the tall one is the right one' and I look at the short one.  'Oh no... they sent us the wrong .... Oh.' I realise that we have put the smaller bookcase (6ft high to the taller one's 7ft) upside down.  I practically have to hang up the phone I am laughing that hard.   It will have to stay that way until he gets home because I can't turn it round by myself.  This makes me laugh even more.  Oh yes, that crazy woman is definitely on the loose.

Today I was at the shops and noticed that my phone wasn't in my bag when I went to pull out my wallet to pay for something.  Had a second of panic before I realised I was actually on the phone (and not just holding it but actually talking to someone). 

Now I'm sure this was a you-had-to-be-there moment but I am still giggling about the bookcase a whole day later so I am wondering, what crazy/funny Scatty Brained thing have you done lately?

My Creative Space

In my Creative Space lately I have been working on a bit of crochet.

This started out as a giant granny square blanket for a baby to be and was supposed to be fairly neutral as to which sex it was for.  It is looking to be a bit more boyish though so hopefully my friend I am making it for has a boy!  So far I am up to my 24th outer square and it is not quite as big as I'd like yet.  Maybe another six after this one?  I'll see how I go (and how much I get done before the baby is born!)

Unfortunately, I've also noticed that I accidentally seem to have bought some white and some cream wool which looked very similar in ball form but which are two very different colours in rug form.  Personality perhaps?

For other, more successfully colour matched creative spaces, head over to Kootoyoo

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Things Not To Do When You Buy A House #1

Don't measure the fridge recess by looking at the building plans.  Measure it properly, with an actual tape measure.

Unfortunately, we learnt this the hard way.  I did suggest that we perhaps use a tape measure and questioned the accuracy of the building plans but the other half assured me that everything would be just fine and he was allowing for a 3cm leeway. 

Apparently this way not enough because when our 84.5cm wide fridge arrived it didn't fit into our supposedly 88cm wide fridge recess.  Hrm.  On further measuring we found the recess was 83.3cm wide.  Building plan fail. 

Not happy to admit defeat, the other half took to the rendered brick fridge recess with an angle grinder and then when that wasn't working quickly enough, a mini jackhammer with a chisel blade attached. 

Imagine the state of my poor house after this. 

Result - Fridge fits.  Half of house coated in dust.  Weekend spent cleaning instead of unpacking. 

Interesting note - I googled 'emergency 24/7 cleaners' in my city.  I hate cleaning so I decided the other half could pay someone to clean up his mess.  There are actually such a thing as emergency 24/7 cleaners but they seem to be booked with normal regular rostered jobs or don't answer their phones at 7pm on a Saturday night.  Very unhelpful.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Moving In

We had our first night in our new home last night and I slept really well!  It's 7.20 and I'm already up - and it's Saturday.  Those who know me know I am not a morning person at the best of times and weekends are for those precious sleep ins.  But not today!

There are boxes everywhere.  To be expected I'm sure. Yesterday, in between bringing loads from my Dad's house and my other halves house, going to buy a new fridge because my fridge was about 3cm too tall for the fridge recess (!!), and buying an entertainment unit we walked past when looking for a fridge and decided was just what we were after, I managed to unpack six boxes of kitchen stuff.  Found the plates and bowls and cutlery.  Gonna be needing those!  I also did that first big food shop which always seems to come to some obsenely large amount of money.

Our meow has sniffed almost every reachable square centimetre of the house and is starting to settle.  She was quite paranoid until my stuff from storage came and she could smell her Mummy on them. She has been out exploring and come back in again of her own accord and we are getting a cat door put in this week.

Today's plans involve couch and bbq shopping.  Tomoorow's is bookcase shopping. We are starting to feel broke already! Lots and lots of box unpacking and a couple more loads from our previous abodes.

It's going to be a busy weekend!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

A New Start

There are 4 days until my partner and I move into our first home.  We have been together almost four years and this will be the first time we have lived together.  To say I am excited is an understatement.

I picked up the key on Friday.

Right now there are lots of things to think about and lots of lists, plans and questions swimming around in my head.  Where should the furniture go?  Where are we going to install a cat door?  And a clothes line because for some reason there isn't one already?  How much will it cost to get more power outlets installed because there's only one single one in each room?  Don't forget to ring the bank tomorrow to sort out loan stuff.  Remember to look into getting the house bug sprayed to keep those spiders away.  I think we may need to buy another set of plates.  What about this and that and those things?  I can see my new few months are going to be filled with little housey type things as we get things organised, set up, installed, bought and arranged.

I'm looking forward to sharing some photos of the rooms all bare and then slowly coming together as we begin to settle in to our nest.