Thursday, 31 March 2011

Crazy Hilarity and Scatty Brainedness

This week I've received some Very Big Unexpected News (VBUN) and since then have been having major cases of Scatty Brain.  And instead of getting annoyed about it, I'm finding it absolutely f-ing hilarious.

Yesterday, some of our new furniture arrived and I had to help carry in two bookcases, a tallboy and a chest of drawers because the stupid furniture shop's idea of 'Delivery' is literally just that, Delivery and then you help carry it in.  Normally, I would be slightly peeved but deal with it as I'm really not a confrontational person.  However, after the VBUN, I had no room left for any more acceptance so I blew my top, rung the owner (the courier they organise to deliver the stuff had his number) and stood in my driveway and yelled at him while flapping my arms around like a crazy woman.  It resulted in a cheque refunding the delivery charges (if they actually send it) and I felt much better after venting some emotion. 

Anyhow, back to that Scatty Brain.  So I had to help carry the stuff in and it was Heavy.  But we did it.  Yay!  New furniture.  Excitement and all sorts.  I ring my other half to tell him and he asks if they sent the right bookcases because there were two different kinds and we wanted to make sure they matched.  I go to check. 'Yep, the tall one is the right one' and I look at the short one.  'Oh no... they sent us the wrong .... Oh.' I realise that we have put the smaller bookcase (6ft high to the taller one's 7ft) upside down.  I practically have to hang up the phone I am laughing that hard.   It will have to stay that way until he gets home because I can't turn it round by myself.  This makes me laugh even more.  Oh yes, that crazy woman is definitely on the loose.

Today I was at the shops and noticed that my phone wasn't in my bag when I went to pull out my wallet to pay for something.  Had a second of panic before I realised I was actually on the phone (and not just holding it but actually talking to someone). 

Now I'm sure this was a you-had-to-be-there moment but I am still giggling about the bookcase a whole day later so I am wondering, what crazy/funny Scatty Brained thing have you done lately?

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2paw said...

I think a little crazy waving of the arms is called for in certain circumstances, VBUN or not!!!
Ah, yes, love the phone story!!
I have little episodes of brain fuzziness, though I can't think of a specific incident now, my brain is too fuzzy!!