Friday, 1 April 2011

This week I'm grateful for...

This week I'm exceedingly, overwhelmingly, completely absolutely grateful for so many very important things.

- the fact that I haven't buckled and fallen in a heap (yet) after hearing some VBUN (Very Big Unexpected News)

- having such a wonderful, fantastic, strong, supportive man in my life whose first (admitted with a little prodding about what he was thinking/feeling) stress about this news was how we were going to manage mortgage repayments when he had to tell work he needed time off to look after me.

- having the above mentioned rock home when all this happened.  It's easier to be strong with support right there beside you

- the relief we felt when we heard things aren't quite as dramatic as the picture certain words create in your mind

- having strong loving arms to hold me when I did cave in to a very short first (no doubt of many) bout of tears

- my sister, who has been exceedingly normal about the whole thing and has coined a new nickname for me in honour of my new, mutated chromosones, status.  And who is also taking a day off to take me to, from and look after me after a test next week to confirm everything

- the ability to stay positive and find the silver lining (how ironic given the title of this brand new 'pre-VBUN' blog) as well as finding a bit of humour in some way too serious and depressing stuff

Apologies for the obscurity and vagueness.  More information will follow post diagnosis but I am just ever so very very very grateful right now and need to focus on all those wonderful reasons to be grateful so that I don't fall into that deep dark hole I feel like I am balancing on the edge of.

If you haven't already had your fill of gratefulness from my very long list, head over to Maxabella's for more.


Maxabella said...

Goodness! This is most intriguing and worrying... I am sure you will tell us more when you are ready. I am very glad that you are still seeing the silver lining after what seems to be life-changing news. Best wishes. x

2paw said...

You do have lots to be thankful for, and I am so glad you have people to share your life with - the ups and the downs!!

Lauren said...

I'm with Maxabella...very intriguing and worrying. strength to you x