Wednesday, 27 April 2011

What's in your wallet?

cool Lego wallet found here

How often do you think about all that stuff in your wallet?  I know I don't think about it all that often, unless it is getting too chockers with old receipts and I give it a good clean out.

And how much do we take it all for granted?  Reach in and grab out what you need at any time.  Leave it sitting in your handbag in the front of the trolley at a supermarket on a busy Saturday during Easter and get it stolen.  Much to my disgust this is what happened to me on the weekend.  And the funny thing is, I thought I was keeping a (reasonably) close eye on it.  Thank goodness it was just the wallet though.  And the thing you never think of when you think of your wallet getting stolen?  How on earth am I going to pay for all this food shopping?? Thankfully, MR was home and my mobile wasn't taken so I called him to come down and pay for it. 

Apart from the annoyance of having to cancel cards and be moneyless, I'm also now without my medicare and HBF cards which I sort of need on a fairly regularly basis at the moment.  I have to get all my store reward cards reissued, sort out a new driver's licence and buy a new wallet. 

And really, wallet shopping is really quite a chore.  My current wallet I have had for almost six years (yes, I did have to think about that quite a bit) and while it was getting a bit tatty around the edges it was the perfect size with the right amount of pockets, zips and press studs in all the right places.  Getting used to a new wallet is never fun.  But finding that new wallet?  When you can't even use your credit card to pay for it?  Much grumbles, let me tell you.  Not that I have found one online that I like, because I really need to scuffle through all the pockets and feel it first, but the fact that I couldn't buy it (or anything else online) if I wanted to is somewhat annoying.

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to pay off some of my credit card?


Michelle said...

That sux what a little punk to do that right in front of you. Dont you worry karmas a bitch.
Treat yourself to a really nice wallet, I just bought myself a Saskia one from Strandbags the other week they have heaps on sale at the moment. The last one lasted me about 3 yrs (you must treat yours very well!)

Wendy Sice said...

Far out. That is so bloody annoying! I'd be pretty devo (is that in the dictionary under devastated?) if it happened to me, because of the hassle! Roll on good luck. xx

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I know just how you feel because I lost my wallet at the markets last year and had to replace everything too....just after I had cancelled all my cards and organised my medicare card etc etc I found my wallet hidden in the glove box of my car and yes I had looked there about a thousand times! Menopause is my only excuse :-) I like the look of those lego wallets, now will have to go and check them out and not let the boys see them!!

sarah said...

Urgh! I know the feeling. I have had to replace mine twice- the second my whole bag was stolen and replacing prescription glasses, car keys, phone etc. made the whole process even worse! I just got a new wallet from Ware in Mt Lawley for my birthday. They have a couple in there. I was tempted to buy one exactly the same as my tatty old one I was replacing for my birthday because I liked it so much... but I didn't. I did see some Status Anxiety wallets recently that looked like a good combo of zips and card spots (wish I had have seen them earlier)-! Good luck!

kylie said...

Oh crumbs! You poor thing. What a pain to have to replace everything. Then there's that wondering exactly what you had in there. I don't think I could tell you without looking.

I've left my handbag hanging from the little loopy bits at the front of the trolley before... then the panic that sets in when I get home and realise i don't have it. Thank goodness for me it was spotted by security guard and stowed until I came back for it...