Saturday, 30 April 2011

Garden Beginnings

The other day Mum came over and helped me to start working on our garden.  Mum is a brilliant gardener and plants go wild under her care.  I am the sort of gardener who wrinkles her nose at the first speck of dirt under the fingernails.  Yes, a useless one.  However, I'm determined to turn this around.  So armed with some tools, some snowpea seeds and tomato seedlings, a couple of herbs and a variety of bulbs we got to work.

Unfortunately, the first thing needed to get to work on was removing this huge patch of cooch.  Here is where we are thankful for experienced gardeners who weed quickly.  I managed about a quarter and Mum did the rest.  My idea was to wrap some bendy trellis stuff around the unsightly tree trunk, which I can hopefully talk MR into getting removed at some point in the future, and grow the tomatoes and peas up it to hide it. 

How much better does it look now?  Almost garden like in fact. 

Cherry tomato and normal sized tomatoes, which are apparently called grosse lisse.  Snow pea seeds planted in the gaps between the tomatoes, the whole way around the tree stump.

Some parsley and garlic chives

One fluffy garden supervisor

The bulbs went out the front, no photo there yet because a photo of some dirt is really not that interesting.  Mum also removed some of the smaller birds of paradise and a stack of frangipanis and a couple of other plants that we didn't want.  There were about 15 frangipani plants throughout the front and the back, just a few too many I thought, so Mum took them home to pot up, nuture and sell.

While digging up the frangipanis Mum found a little fledgling citrus plant hiding amongst the canna lillies.  We'll be staking and nuturing that!

I thought I might leave you with a photo of our brand new outdoor setting we got just before Easter.  Isn't it a beauty!  Lots of outdoor entertaining planned from now on.  We've already had a birthday dinner, a bbq with friends and an Easter Sunday family breakfast on it!


Naturally Carol said...

What a lovely post on your garden'll have to keep us informed as it grows and fills in all the gaps. I know your mum will be helping you with that! I like the size of your new outdoor setting too and it looks so comfortable.

Michelle said...

What a treat being able to grab herbs straight from the garden and perfect timing for planting just before the rains. Love your outdoor setting its huge! Hope you've had a restful weekend x

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Your garden is lovely and I am sure it will provide lots of yummy treats in a few months time. How lucky you are to have your mum, I am a black thumb as well. The only plants I have are Jade plants because they are almost impossible to kill :-) Very nice outdoor setting too!