Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Things Not To Do When You Buy A House #1

Don't measure the fridge recess by looking at the building plans.  Measure it properly, with an actual tape measure.

Unfortunately, we learnt this the hard way.  I did suggest that we perhaps use a tape measure and questioned the accuracy of the building plans but the other half assured me that everything would be just fine and he was allowing for a 3cm leeway. 

Apparently this way not enough because when our 84.5cm wide fridge arrived it didn't fit into our supposedly 88cm wide fridge recess.  Hrm.  On further measuring we found the recess was 83.3cm wide.  Building plan fail. 

Not happy to admit defeat, the other half took to the rendered brick fridge recess with an angle grinder and then when that wasn't working quickly enough, a mini jackhammer with a chisel blade attached. 

Imagine the state of my poor house after this. 

Result - Fridge fits.  Half of house coated in dust.  Weekend spent cleaning instead of unpacking. 

Interesting note - I googled 'emergency 24/7 cleaners' in my city.  I hate cleaning so I decided the other half could pay someone to clean up his mess.  There are actually such a thing as emergency 24/7 cleaners but they seem to be booked with normal regular rostered jobs or don't answer their phones at 7pm on a Saturday night.  Very unhelpful.


Michelle said...

Oh bugger! I'm sure the Mr will be measuring twice next time ;)

2paw said...

Ah, is this like men asking for directions?????