Wednesday, 30 November 2011

In my garden

Since moving into our home in March this year I had been eagerly awaiting Spring and Summer to see just what our garden produced in the way of pretty blooms.  Unfortunately, stuck in hospital, I missed a good chunk of Spring and some of the bulbs and annuals I planted but there's still plenty of colour on display.

Our garden has a lot of Agapanthus... good thing they are pretty!

I have no idea what this tree is but it is amass with blooms at the moment.

Pretty coloured berries outside my bedroom window.

I'm undecided about my hibiscus... keep or remove?

The last of the snapdragons

One slightly sunburnt rose.
And a Meow decidedly peeved over having her photo taken, this was the photo with the least grumpy expression...

Farewell Spring, hello Summer!



Amanda said...

What gorgeous blooms! Keep the hibiscus, its flower is lovely, just give it a good haircut if it's looking a bit unruly. I have a single white agapanthus flower in a vase on our bench at the moment looking pretty x

Michelle said...

They are such beautiful photos. I think I have more weeds than flowers in my garden lol :)

Sally said...

Oh now that totally sucks - missing your bulbs bloom. Not good at all.

Your photos are great. So much colour. Love 'em. A great garden indeedy.

... and that cat. Beaudiful.

2paw said...

Your garden must be beautiful. your work definitely paid off. Meow could never be cross, surely?? Nice Cat spot there!!