Thursday, 10 November 2011

Decisions, decisions

One of the things I packed when getting ready for hospital was my crochet.  I thought, excellent... a few days of rest and recovery and lots of time to crochet, I'll get heaps done! Unfortunately this was not the case and apart from on the first day in I did no crochet at all.  Oh well.  

When I got home I went to grab my hook and wool and just sat there staring at it, unable to remember what I was supposed to do.  I couldn't even remember how to hold the hook.  Thankfully, it has all come back to me and I have spent a few hours in front of the TV with my hook.  

I'm so close to being finished with all the squares of the pink granny blanket, I decided to lay them out and work out a pattern.  I would love to do a higgeldy piggeldy one but my mind craves patterns and would just not cope!

I also had to make a decision on a final colour, I had started off with a coral pink but my sister wasn't a huge fan and it looked a bit too orangey next to the pinks so I found another pale pink ball I hadn't used and began a square in that to help me decide.

The coral colour option (bottom right corner)

The pale pink colour option
I love how taking a photo makes it so much easier to see colours and patterns.  Easy decision, the pale pink.

Then, I was looking through my craft room for some pins and came across one more square I'd missed.  This was even better because from the pattern above I had a few left over squares that I somehow ended up with odd numbers of.  Goodness knows how but there you have it.  And so now I had two more matching.  And ended up with this pattern, which I like even better.

And it also means I only have just over one more square to go! 
I'm hoping the joining up process goes a lot quicker than I'm imagining it will take in my head...

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Fruitful Fusion said...

I think that blanket is going to look so gorgeous when it's finished. I am a fan of coral but yes, you're right, it's pale pink that's best here. How do you plan on joining them? Can't wait to see the finished blanket!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Have fun! You made the right choice and its going to be fabulous when you have finished :-)

Sally said...

You're making such good progress. Loving all the pink. So sweet.

2paw said...

Definitely the pale pink and I love the symmetry. I just can't have things willy-nilly!! You've done so well to have the crocheting finished!!