Monday, 22 April 2013

Many Good Things

Today is the first day of school holidays.

Need I say more about good things when the above is the case?

Not really, but I shall.

Not only was it the first day of school holidays but I also woke up to rain on the roof.  How good is rain of the roof when you get to stay in bed?

I am still in my pyjamas and it is 3:15pm.

I got to have yummy banana bread that I baked yesterday for breakfast.

The house is relatively clean because MR vacuumed yesterday.

I managed to find the energy to do a double batch of baking yesterday as well as go to Brown Owls, (amazing what you can get done when you don't need to conserve energy for a week of work) and so MR has headed back to work this morning with two containers of ANZAC biscuits to snack on (his favourite).  

I went to Brown Owls yesterday and had fun chatting and stitching away at this.

I have a $100 reward shopper voucher from Picnic/Hobbs and a $20 one from Myer burning a hole in my wallet for some retail therapy later in the week.

I have a massage booked for Friday.

I have a lovely stack of books from the library just waiting to be read.

My cold seems to be getting better.

MR and I went to Cirque du Soleil's Ovo show during the week and it was just as amazing as expected.  And the bouncing lizards?  Even more amazing!

My baking cupboard has been reorganised as well as finding enough space to have a dedicated pots, pans and frying pans cupboard.  (Today's job is to reorganise the plastics cupboard and tomorrow's job is the pantry)

We got our soil tested on the weekend and have started the steps to improve it so things will actually grow.

In the small area of the garden where things do actually grow, there are buds on my loquat tree for the first time which will hopefully turn into fruit.

And best of all, Summer seems to have finally ended, leaving Autumn a chance to shine (and pour, as it did all night and morning).


What is good in your world at the moment?



Wendy Sice said...

Holidays truly rock, even if it is just cleaning and sorting! Do you have a rack for your pans or are they just balancing on their sides? And if you have a rack, where did you get it? I need one badly! :)

2paw said...

Happy holidays and yes, without the pressure of work you can use all your energy to enjoy yourself and be creative. Your banana bread looks fantastic!! I've read The Emerald Atlas, I must follow up the sequel if it is out. Love your stitching,, it is Japanese?? Lucky MR, home made bikkies are yummy!! Circe de Soleil?? What a wonderful outing. Have a great time these two weeks!!!

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Lots of lovely things happening in your world. Soak it all in - you deserve a good break! Enjoy!

Amanda said...

The start of your holidays and all that you have planned and have already done sounds wonderful!! The baking, the crafting, the relaxing around the home... bliss! x

Lea said...

So much loveliness in this post. Aren't pyjama days just the best thing ever! Banana bread s up there as well, I think.