Monday, 14 October 2013


Today my liver turns two. 

Two years since that precious gift from an unknown young man. 

I think about him and his family as I make my traditional anniversary cupcakes. Raspberry, Apple and Cinnamon this time. Do they do something each year in remembrance of him? Or does it pass quietly, individually, retrospectively?  I feel he should be celebrated. But I understand if they are not ready yet.  

I've just gotten back from my first overseas holiday post transplant.  New Zealand.  A place I would never have had a chance to experience if not for the generosity of an anonymous family.  So many experiences I've had in the last two years and so many moments to come that I owe to them.

How do you say thank you for something like that?

Unfortunately, my leukaemia disallows me from donating organs or blood.  But if you are allowed to, you should consider becoming an organ donor or a blood donor.  There are so many people in need and it is such a amazing gift to be able to give.

Last week I wore a bikini for the first time since surgery.  My scar is still there but it is now just a part of me, I often forget it is there. Parts of it have faded a lot, parts are still pink. I don't mind. Oddly, I am less self conscious of my stomach now than I have ever been.  I'll have to take another photo soon for the records and compare.


Sally said...

Congratulations liver!

Hard to believe that two years has past already.

A truly amazing gift for a truly amazing person.

Michelle said...

You have been through so much.It couldnt have gone to a nicer or more appreciative and deserving person xx

Margret said...

Yay for bikini wearing! Good on you.

2paw said...

I remember how you worried about your scar. I am glad you are not bothered now. My friends son died and they donated to nine other people. I always think of him on the anniversary. I am sure they think of him and are glad that they were able to give you a happy and healthy life. I can't donate anything either because of my weird bone marrow. But I think it is a wonderful thing. Happy Birthday to your Liver. Yay, you have holidayed!!!