Saturday, 1 February 2014

Veggie Surprise

There are some areas of our garden that are pretty much just sand.  Hydrophobic sand that is so scared of water that it just shunts it across its surface to a section more accepting.  So we've been working (a little bit, quite sporadically) on improving it.  We've added clay particles and cow poo and I got MR to dig me a hole and I was chucking veggie scraps in it and covering them over to add some nice organic matter so that maybe, some time in the future, we might be able to get something to grow there. 

A few weeks after doing that for about a week and then forgetting, I remembered and went to chuck out some more scraps only to find a little plant growing in one corner.  It looked like a veggie plant to me so I gave it some water and threw the scraps elsewhere.  A couple of months later it is now huge, taking up a whole corner of our garden that was previously just sand and had nothing growing it in.  It is starting to spread its tendrils out across the path to our front door.  And the flowers have opened now too, they are about the size of my palm.  I've been nursing it through the heat, watering it in the morning before I go out and in the afternoon when I get home to droopy wilted leaves and it seems to be coping okay.  I'm hoping that all those flowers do turn into tasty homegrown veggies.

I have no idea what it is, having only ever grown tomatoes and peas before.  MR reckons a pumpkin and that is possible because I do remember throwing pumpkin gizzards into the hole.  I'm hoping for cucumber though because I don't really eat pumpkin very often.  Maybe I'll have to start.

Any ideas what it is?



Margret said...

I would guess pumpkin too. Now that I know how to roast veges I have no trouble using up pumpkin. Good luck!

nicole said...

Yep, I'd put my money on pumpkin too!
And pumpkins keep for a fair while, if you're only using them sporadically... Though there are some butternut recipes in the save with Jamie book ;)

Bron said...

We here say....pumpkins too. Keep nurturing it and you will soon see. Once the fruit grows from the flowers the rest of the plant beginn to die off,....,let us know what happens. Xx

Sally said...

Yep. Pumpkin was going to be my guess. It is definitely a squash of some sort - could be a zucchini but flower looks quite large so I'll stick with pumpkin too. They do often just pop up out of the compost. Lucky you.

2paw said...

Though plants come to our house TO DIE, I reckon it is a pumpkin too. I have grown to think they are delicious roasted and they are good for settling a poorly Labrador's stomach too!!