Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Get fit

As you might have read a few posts ago, I've entered in the HBF Run for a Reason again this year, my third year of participation.  My sister is once again doing it with me and this year we haven't entered the walker's category as last year we were fast enough with mostly walking and a few 100m of jogging to reach a time that is in the next category.  This year we want to beat our time from last year.  So to motivate ourselves, we both got a fitbit.

That constant New Year's resolution of getting fit has finally reached a point where I really need to do something about it.  Not lose weight per se, although two or three kilos could be lost quite happily, but more get fit.  Fit enough to climb a flight or two of stairs without finding myself a bit puffed at the end of it.  Fit enough to go for a brisk walk with a friend and be able to talk fairly normally through it.  Fit enough to make it to the end of the 4km walk without falling in a heap.

I've done okay so far (for me).  My first week of owning it, I spent half of the time in hospital so we're not counting that one.  They say the average person should do 10 000 step a day.  My goal is 6000 but I've only met it twice.  Last weeks step total was 28512.  It definitely has motivated me to get out there and walk a bit more.  I've gone for three walks in the last week and a bit.  Not much, but that's three walks more than I would do in a regular week!  The only problem so far is, the day after going for a walk, I end up being that tired that I sleep in until 11am (it's school holidays) and then need a fairly quiet day to recover.  Ridiculous!  What happened to that theory that the more exercise you do the easier it gets and the more energy you have?  I haven't spotted that yet.  But I'm determined to keep going.  There's just over four weeks until the run and I have a fair way to go if I'm planning on jogging part of the way.

Do you own a fitbit?  Have you found it useful? 

And if you do, do you want another friend, one whose step total will be very easy to beat? Just leave your email below and I'll add you.



Michelle said...

I would really like to know how many steps I do each day. Defiantly want to get fit too and eat more healthy and exercise more. Good on you for entering the run I'm sure you'll do brilliantly ! X

2paw said...

Well done, it is hard to motivate yourself. My doctor says people who aren't 100% healthy should aim for fewer steps, so I am glad you are doing that. 20km though, that's a long way!! I have no advice, except get a dog or two. They have eyes that pierce your brain and MAKE you take them for walks!!!