Saturday, 11 April 2015

I made some things

I can't claim all the credit for this but I am very pleased to share that I'm making this little human inside me right now.  20 weeks on Monday! 

So of course, I have been getting knitting.  With stash yarn no less! 

And I've also made us a little veggie garden.  Peas, celery, capsicum, parsley and cherry tomatoes so far.  This is only taking up about a quarter of our veggie garden patch so there plenty of room for more veggies to go in.  Mum came up to help me get this put in, she has a bit of a magic touch with gardening so I'm hoping it will rub off onto my veggies.

In other news, I'm no longer living in Perth.  I moved back out to the wheatbelt town MR lives in at the beginning of the year and it is so good to be spending more time with him on a very regular basis.  It's going really well so far.  A lady in town is doing pregnancy yoga classes so I'm not missing out on keeping my strength up and while I've only done two classes so far (she just had a baby at the beginning of the year also so has only just started them up again) I'm feeling so good afterwards.  And, even better, there's a Monday night craft group too.  Every week! 

Hopefully I'll be back on a bit more of a regular basis from now on but for now, what news have I missed out on from you? I've been keeping up with my regular blogs sporadically but I'm sure I'm a bit behind on the news.



Wendy Sice said...

Oh, so awesome! Congrats on your baby news! Hope it all goes smoothly. Yoga is a really good choice for birthing prep I've heard.

(Not many people seem to know know this but celery and rhubarb are not good during pregnancy.)

So excited for you! :)

Family Matters said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting...being pregnant is such a great time (mostly!!) :)
I have also been pretty slack with my blog as 'life' has been so busy but it is what it is and we do what we can :)You have inspired me to head over and update my own blog.
Wishing you all the best!

Bron said...

That is very exciting news...congratulations to you both
Looks like you are off to a good start in your new home too. Xxxxx

San @ Made in Hem said...

Congratulations!!! I love knitting for babies! ♡
I still can't get into my blogger account... No more blogging for me, I guess.
Not much to tell either so I'm fine just reading here and there! :)

Ian said...

Congratulations. Hope all goes well with the pregnancy.

Car said...

Wow! Congratulations - such wonderful and exciting news for you and MR!