Saturday, 21 May 2011


The rose bush in our front garden has bloomed, I have been eagerly awaiting this moment since moving in the find out what colour it is.  I like roses in the garden but have never really been a fan of them in bunch.  I especially like roses covered in rain drops in the morning after a night of rain while I was all snuggled warm and cosy in my bed.

The tomatoes are going strong, this plant at the front especially so...

 ... and the snow peas have sprouted and are about 10cm high with a few little curly tendrils starting to appear.

The craft room is also showing some (minor) progress, from this to this below.   A trip to Ikea for some more shelves and plastic tubs definitely helped with finding some room and places to put things and thanks again to my sister who came over for a few hours yesterday to help me with some organising (because otherwise it wouldn't have happened).  

And in other progress news, my medication is working so well that after only two weeks on it, my white blood cell count is back to a normal level! It went from 86000 to 54000 to 6600.  (Normal levels are between 4000 and 11000) Incredibly good news, my haemotologist is very pleased with the results and now I just have to wait for the 3 monthly blood test to see how BCR-ABL test goes.  That test (from what I understand) checks the levels of the mutated leukaemic cells in my blood which should be 0% and was 140%* before I started the drugs.  

* don't ask how it can be at 140%, I have no idea!


2paw said...

I love the dewy water drops on the rose, and your vegetables are growing so well. It seems so strange to see tomatoes!!!
Nice tidying, it is a good feeling to have organisation.
Hooray for excellent drugs that are working. Gold Star for you!!!

Sally said...

Oh - that is wonderful news. That you're doing so well on the medication. How you going taking the pills? Is it becoming more 'normal'???
Do you feel better within???

Loving that rose - the raindrops looks so beautiful. Great photo.

Michelle said...

I wish I had a rose bush there's nothing nicer than having a single rose in a sweet little vase by your bedside.
So glad your doing well x

E. said...

What a beautiful rose! What great progress going on everywhere especailly those results.

Now if only I could getinspired to get my house tidied up!