Sunday, 30 October 2011

Here's one I prepared earlier

Before I went into hospital I was doing a craft course with Jemima from Tied with a Ribbon and Claire from Claire Turpin Designs.  The course was a Christmas one and although I missed a couple of the dates due to being sick, I still managed to make it to the first two classes where we made some pretty bunting and a Christmas stocking.  And I even managed to finish them!

 I couldn't find any Christmas fabric that took my fancy so instead I made some bunting for my craft room, which is slowly showing some signs of order again after a visit from my incredibly helpful organisational sister.

My family still does Christmas stockings each year but the last few years we have been using Christmas pillow cases which ends up in a extremely overboard sized stocking! This year I am going to make each member of my family a stocking and limit the amount of junk food that can be crammed into the stocking, saving us all a bit of money and being a lot healthier as well!

Seeing as I can't go back to work this year I have all this free time ahead of me! I'm hoping I use a fair chunk of it doing crafting and making some handmade Christmas presents for family and friends.  Unfortunately the no work means the money side of things will be a bit tight for a while, until my income protection kicks in (if you don't have this I strongly strongly strongly advise that you look into getting it, you never know what your health is going to do!!) I am looking forward to the challenge of managing my money though, I've always been quite bad at it so hopefully this will help me learn to save and manage what funds I do have a lot better... fingers crossed anyhow!

I'll be looking for a Christmas meme to sign up to, surely someone has started one? I need to get motivated if I want to get things made and finished!


Baa-Me Kniits said...

That stocking is so cute, what a great idea to make everyone a new one this year. I have started making presents in the hope that getting a head start will mean i actually get them finished :-)

Michelle said...

It's so good to have you back miss I hope your taking it easy between craft projects and giving yourself time to heal. Thinking of you x P.S. There is nothing wrong with pillowcase sized stockings if you ask me :)

Amanda said...

Love the bunting and your stocking are very cute - I had intentions of sewing stocking for my two little ones but with things a bit hectic here, I think my Ikea stockings will have to do for another year :) Sorry to hear you've had to stop work but great that you had income protection. Hope you can use this period to rest up ... am off to catch up on your posts I've missed... x

2paw said...

Bunting is very cool and trendy at the moment so you are right up to date. Love the stocking, I have to make one for the newest kitten. We had pillow cases for our presents, cherries and chocolates were our special Christmas treats.
yes, insurance is a must-have. When I got sick and had to leave work it kicked in and paid off My Mortgage. How good is that???!!!