Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New Zealand?

There are tentative plans in our household for a visit to New Zealand during the October school holidays.  'Fabulous!' you think.  What fun to plan.  But unfortunately, at this point we are a little bit stuck on actually being able to go part of the planning phase.

You see, when you have Leukaemia and an addition dose of a liver transplant, travel insurance companies seem inclined to laugh in your face when you suggest maybe they could insure you.

Rude, I know.

I've looked at a few places so far and they have a list of medical conditions that exclude you from getting travel insurance and whilst Leukaemia hasn't been on any of them, an organ transplant is. 

Thankfully, there is an organisation called Transplant Australia, of which I am a member.  They hold the Transplant Games (fun Olympic like games for transplantees) and there is a World Transplant Games which requires transplantees to travel somewhere in the world for the games.  Of course, they will need travel insurance for such a thing and so Transplant Australia has partnered with a company that will (in most cases) provide it. (AIG Travel Insurance for anyone interested)  Phew!

I rang them today and now need to get multiple medical forms and letters from my specialists stating my conditions and the status of said conditions and then I get to fax them off and then ring to talk to the insurance company's medical team to do an assessment of whether or not I can be insured.

And then, if they decide they will insure me, we will be able to get on with booking flights and planning our adventures.

So fingers crossed.

And, where would you suggest I visit if we do get to go?  I'm thinking awesome crafty places, cool shops and lots of nature places. 

We'll be going for 10 days with probably 6 in north island (MR has lots of family there) and 4 in south.  Already on our list is glow worm caves, natural hot pools, a big flying fox and a bit of snow and lots of green.  If they let us go at all...


Amanda said...

Am crossing my fingers for you!! New Zealand would make a great October holidays destination... haven't been there myself so can't recommend anything but have heard nothing but great things from friends who have been xx

San @ Made in Hem said...

My fingers are crossed too! You two deserve a holiday! ♥

Bron said...

Oh I do hope you can get it all sorted....we are headed to the north island in a week and a half...never been before...going sans kids for an anniversary treat. So looking forward to it...Just bought a coat today hopefully we will be warm enough. xxx

2paw said...

Fingers crossed you can get the insurance and fly off to EnZed!!! I've been there,mainly the North Island, but I loved it. Well maybe not smelly Rotorus!!

Wendy Sice said...

My husband's aunty just went to Hobbiton, the movie set for the Hobbits! It looks absolutely adorable, and while expensive to go ($150 for two) it looks awesome and well worth it. Haven't been to NZ myself but it seems to be the latest craze. :)

Michelle said...

Thats really sux about the insurance I hope it all gets sorted for you. Ill be over in NZ in November as part of a cruise holiday, just a day in Wellington, Auckland and Tauranga so will try to fit as much sightseeing as I possibly can in just one day. Its my third time over there so I pretty much know the areas Id like to check out :)