Sunday, 23 June 2013

This week...

we got a dishwasher. We haven't had one up til now and I am on cloud nine. Every time I put a dirty dish in it I get a big grin on my face and when I turn it on (twice so far) I have clapped my hands and bounced with glee.

I finished my Kindy reports a day early. This is big for me, usually I am the type that hands things in a day or two late. Being on time has never been my strong point. So to finish and hand them in a whole 24 hours before they are due was a super exciting and proud moment for me. It also meant a weekend ahead of no school work. *ahhhhhh*

I baked, twice. Sago and banana bread. Can you guess the reason why? (Hint: see point one) Baking and no dishes afterwards? My kind of bliss.

I caught up with my best friend for a movie (Monsters University) and waffles. We felt like we were in high school again as we both chose mint fudge choc chip ice cream, the flavour of choice from those years.

I bought a new pair of jeans and only paid $35 for them. Enough said.

I have managed to schedule in a don't-leave-the-house, pyjama-filled day of reading, blogging and relaxing.

I have indulged on naughty forbidden treats; blue brie and pate. Oh how I love them. I'm on antibiotics at the moment so I figure they will kill any bad things hiding in them. This is my justification anyhow.

And finally, this week marks the end of MR's break after finishing up on the mines after 6 years! Unfortunately he is not now living full time with me but instead we have swapped locations from when we were first going out. Now he will be in his country home town working at the family business and I am in Perth. We're back to (as many as we can possibly fit in) weekend visitations after two years of approximately one week of three visitations. I'm a bit sad about it but it also marks the start of the next chapter in our lives together and I'm sure I'll get used to it again. I'll be in Perth probably until the end of next year and then I'll be heading back to the country as well.

How has your week been?



Michelle said...

Yay for dishwashers that arent us! I just bought a dishwasher and used it for the first time last week. Although I didnt know you had to put rinse aid in it so everything came out wet and I had to dry it anyway, but hey baby steps! Mmmmmm bananna bread ;)

Sally said...

Oh ... boo-hoo. I don't want you to go back to the country!!!

Amanda said...

Yay for the dishwasher and yay for reports being done and dusted!! Hope you adjust to the new living situation with MR okay xx

2paw said...

Your dishwasher is smiling!! Yay. I don't have one. It would be nice though. Yum, good baking there!!
Hope you had a great school work free weekend.
Bargain jeans, I really appreciate those.
You and MR have coped so well thus far, that this will be just a different apartness and it's only 18 months till the end of next year!!!

Maggie said...

Yay for dishwashers! I've never had one either and I can't wait for the new kitchen. Actually I'm going to get it early and stick it in the rental. I think it will be life changing! I hope there'll be one for you in whatever house you move in to up here, yay btw :) Another youngin for Monday night craft.