Saturday, 2 November 2013

Trend setting

One of my students wears a cat ears headband which she has been wearing on and off for the entire school year.  It usually gets worn to school once or twice each week (or our two and a half days at Kindy).  It looks pretty much exactly like this set, but nowadays much more tatty.

She wears it inside (I don't mind), outside (over the top of her bucket hat), at rest time on the mat.  I'm sure she wears it quite a bit in other places when she is not at Kindy.

She has never lost it, which I think is quite a good feat for a Kindy child to have managed. 

Back in Term 3 I noticed another girl wear a set of cat ears to school one day in a different colour.  And then a few weeks after that two more did the same.  There are now about five girls in my class who occasionally wear these cat ears headbands to school.

It had never really occurred to me that trend setting can start at that age.  Maybe as a child I saw a girl wearing something I liked and wanted one myself, I don't know - I can't remember my Kindy years.  I remember when I moved towns in Year 3 and at my new school the fashion was for wearing your pleated skirt over your trackies in Winter.  And when we moved again when I was in Year 5, the fashion was for surf brands, which I never had.

How old were you when you first wanted something another child was wearing?  Or were you that child that everyone wanted to be just like?



Margret said...

When I was in year two I wanted knee high boots like the other girls. In year 8 I wanted a pair of those Reebok high tops, and I got them!

2paw said...

In High School I wanted red tag Levis and a Golden Breed t-shirt. That's pretty much it., I am not trendy, never have been, never will be. I am a bit sad trend-wise.
I had a little girl in Grade 2 who insisted on being called Jem (from theJem and Jerrica cartoon) for the whole year. She wore party dresses every day.

Sally said...

In year six I wanted fluro bobby socks - three pairs - that I wore one over the other at different lengths. It was high fashion for the school disco.