Sunday, 10 November 2013

A milestone reached

High Four for Responsibility!*

I think I may have finally reached the milestone of Official Responsible Adulthood.  I certainly feel responsible anyhow.

How did I get here you ask?

Well, it wasn't turning 18.  Nor moving out of home.  It wasn't buying a car.  It wasn't my first holiday overseas without my family either. Or finishing uni, getting a job and moving a three hours drive away from anyone I knew. 

This week marks the week that I paid off my credit card for the first time since I got one when I was 19.  That's 13 years folks.  13 years of paying off bits and then spending more, repeated ad nauseam.

Hooray!  I can't describe just how chuffed I am with myself that I didn't spend my tax return on a Thermomix or a fancy new blender (my two initial thoughts of how to use it).

This means that as of now, apart from about $500 of HECS debt (uni fees for those nonAU people), I am completely debt free.  Admittedly, MR has lots of debt because he bought our house but it was his decision to not do a joint mortgage. 

The opportunities are endless.  Unfortunately, now I feel like I have lots of spare money because I have an empty credit card so I need to get onto reducing my limit quick smart before I belie my above claim to responsible adult-ness.   I do however have a bit of extra cash each pay that used to go towards paying off my credit card which I'm going to save all of and, oh all right, some of and put it towards a deposit for a new car (and some more debt). 

The other bit, if I'm entirely honest, will most likely be blown wildly on new clothes that I don't need and craft stuff that I don't use.  Just like usual.

Maybe I still have a little way to go...

Do you feel like a responsible adult at least some of the time?  Did you have a defining moment of reaching that milestone? 

* I may have been struggling to find a relevant photo and Meow has such cute fluffy paws...


Sally said...

YAY! High four indeed. Such a cute photo too by the way.

Margret said...

Yay! Such a good feeling. I'm a saver at heart, maybe because we were poor when I was a child. I will. Feel like a proper grown up once we finally buy a lounge suite instead of making do with hand me downs.

2paw said...

Yes, I thought High Four too!! Very cute paws. Well done, a momentous effort and now you deserve a reward- saving for a new car sounds great. I still think my car is new!!
I confess that I am still waiting to feel 'grown up', like my mum. She was grown up at 27. I do have little bouts of grown-uppedness, but I think it can be over rated!!!

Bron said...

Congratulations that is a huge milestone....although a Thermomix would have been nice. xxxx

Anne Downing said...

I can only dream about being debt free!! Congrats