Thursday, 2 January 2014


Just near Huka Falls, Taupo, New Zealand.  So pleased we made it there in 2013 - twice!

So it's here already and I didn't even manage one post in December.  And only 33 posts for the entire year.  Terrible!  Must work on that this year.

I'm looking back at my post of goals for 2013.  It's actually quite nice to have it all listed down (even though I didn't get through much) just to see what I wanted to achieve, what I did and what I didn't.  My word - organise.  Pretty much utter failure.  Apart from organising my finances.  In 2013 I managed to pay off my credit card.  Something I haven't done since getting a credit card 13 years ago at 19.  A big achievement for me.  I'm also saving towards a new car at the moment and MR and I managed to save up for a holiday to NZ in October.  I'm pretty pleased with achieving our financial goals.  It's quite nice to feel (a little bit) financially responsible.

As to the other goals, I also did the Run for a Reason again and I did manage it at faster than 50 minutes - 37 minutes this time!  Maybe better again for this year?

So on to the future.  I'm scrapping the word.  I never even remember the word.  And I work better on small achievable goals.  So here's my list of them.

- learn how to bake (good) bread from scratch
- keep my credit card paid off
- submit my picture book manuscript (I just keep putting this off, fear of rejection and all...)
- tidy out my craft room (determined!!!)
- make a crochet blanket for my house

Of course, in the back of my head are those typical resolutions of get fit! exercise! be active! and I'm always hopeful on that front but 32 years of it not happening yet may just win over once again.

What are the small things you want to achieve this year?


Sally said...

I'm still thinking about what I want to do... I suppose I really really want to finish things. That and stash bust, I don't want such a large stash any more.

Love your pic from NZ. So beautiful.

Bron said...

Hey I hope you achieve the book manuscript goal...Happy New Year. xxx

2paw said...

That is a beautiful picture!! You did so well to be financially serious and grown up!! A new car is Very Exciting!! Your goals sound very achievable. I would like to sort out my sewing room, not sure that's a small thing though!! Happy New Year.

San @ Made in Hem said...

I want to learn to weave on a loom this year, since I inherited one from my aunt last fall...
Love to bake bread! I want this book
And save 10.000 euro... It is possible I think... Just don't dare to say it out loud! Too afraid I can't do it...

Olivia said...

Picture book? Are you an artist or a writer??
I'm an artist and have always wanted to write a book…..ahhh…to dream! x

Margret said...

We actually went out to bbq on NYE so we didn't review our goals from last year on the night, but we did a couple of nights ago, it is so fun!
My new goal for this year is to sit down after every month and organise my photos from that month and layout pages in our yearly photo book. That way I wont have to do cram it all in forgoing housework to get the snapfish special.