Thursday, 9 January 2014

Yarn along

Once upon a time, a long, long, long time ago I learnt how to crochet.  It was one of my New Year's resolution for 2010.  Probably the only one I kept.  My Mum taught me. 

My very first granny square, January 5 2010
I remember being so proud of my first granny square.  I was going to make a big blanket for my queen size bed.  Except I only got up to 27 squares.  Then I realised I had been making my squares in English double crochet which meant they were tiny and took forever and fell out of love with it.  They got packed away in a box and left until the first days of 2014.  Pretty much exactly four years after I first learnt to crochet. 

In between this time I have made various other crochet items, including a large granny rug for my sister to cover her queen size bed in big squares with only one colour per square.  This is called smart crocheting as it involves less stitching together and less sewing in of ends.

However, now I wanted to make a blanket for the couch at my house and these squares sitting in a box were bugging me in their unfinished-ness.  So I laid them out and got to work.  No starting the new blanket until I'd finished this one!

Snipping off the last stitched in end

No big reveal yet though.  It needs a good blocking and I have no foam things to block on, not having ever blocked anything before.  Once I've hunted down one of those foam alphabet puzzles and blocked it I'll be able to show you the results... but in the mean time, I can show you the start of my next blanket.  Crochet mojo is running high around these parts!

Joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along, for the very first time!


Michelle said...

You clever little crafty minx you! Im glad you dusted them off and pulled them out the box again :) Cant wait to see the finish product.

2paw said...

Oh that's bit exciting!! I do think the best way to make a colour changing Granny square is to use a colour changing wool like Noro (which isn't wool really) I like the look of your new crocheting too. It is nice to be in an along!!

Wendy Sice said...

I get such a kick from putting your crocheted star decorations on our Christmas tree each year. :)
(By the way, I've started blogging again!)

Bron said...

Good for your finishing your granny will make it all the more cosy to snuggle under knowing you made it yourself x

Sarah Ronchetti said...

Great work rescuing your old squares, I'm sure it looks great! Love the look of your new blanket too!

sarah said...

I'm proud of you! haha. This coming from someone who made 9 squares when I first learnt and decided to make one cushion cover with them and throw in the towel :)

Cant wait to see the finished blanket(s)!

Margret said...

Yay to getting things off the to finish list! Love the look of your new blankie. And I just dropped off a stack of foam alphabets to the op shop in BK, kids toys are free there :)

Amanda said...

Good on you for persisting and digging out an old project... I have several hidden away in the craft cupboard :)