Sunday, 16 March 2014

Lovely days

The end of Summer and beginning of Autumn are some of my favourite days. I get so excited by the brisk mornings and the need to put on a cardigan. Today was the first cardigan morning for me and I decided soon after it wasn't actually necessary. 

Autumn starts late here in WA. It really is still the more the tail end of Summer than the luxuriousness  of long pants, cardigans, couch blankets and Winter pyjamas. Soon, but not quite yet. What it is though is the onset of cool evenings. Perfect for crochet on the couch. My Bertie blanket is getting longer. 

Today was Brown Owls and I got another two stripes done. It's 33 stripes long now, so very close to half way. 

While it's hard to drag myself out of bed on the third Sunday morning of each month for Brown Owls (9am on Sunday is not a time I'm well acquainted with), once I get going on my craft and chatting away to friends I've made through the group, it really is a nice way to start the day. 

Today I followed craft with lunch out in the Swan Valley at a local brewery with MR, his cousin and her boyfriend. We sat outside and caught up and enjoyed yummy food and beautiful weather. And then on the way back home MR and I stopped off at Yahava Koffeeworks for a coffee, a hot chocolate, a muffin and an escargot. 

MR is quickly mowing the back lawn because the bins are being emptied tomorrow and the we are couch and DVD bound. We're thinking Zoolander. We've got veal mignons and roast veggies planned for dinner which doesn't involve much prep so all in all, it's been one of those lovely slow, relaxing days in which you still manage to get a bit of stuff done. Just lovely. 

How's your weekend panned out?



Amanda said...

Your day sounds perfect! I love slow relaxing Sundays. I'm a fan of autumn as well. We went for a picnic/BBQ last night at Pt Walter for my sister's birthday and it was freezing outside!! Today's been warm and sunny again though. I lve being able to throw a blanket over me on the couch at night or to put a cardi on in the mornings :)

2paw said...

I do like Zoolander, I can't help myself! Wow, your Bertie is going so well, and looks so great!! Sunday is our sleeping in day. We read the newspaper, have a cup of tea and maybe a nap and listen to Radio National!! I hope that escargot is a pastry ands not a snail!!!
It is still warm here, Summer is lingering this year.

Kylie Hunt said...

This is so beautiful Megan!! I can't stop looking at it :) Kx

Bron said...

Your crocheting is so lovely....yes Sunday am is a little early but what a fun thing ti have to get up for....bring on Autumn xx

Christina Lowry said...

So so gorgeous! But all those ends, argh!! :)