Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Giddy up

Remember stirrup trackie pants?  I had them as a youngen.  We used to wear them to primary school, I think I was about 8 or 9.  Scrunchy socks scrunched down over the tops of them and a pleated skirt over the top of our thick fleecy track pants because that was cool, right?

Well, I've decided I need to sew myself some stirrup pyjamas pants.  I'm such a restless sleeper, rolling around all over the place and within 5 minutes of getting into bed my pyjamas pants are up above my knees which is just really not useful for icy cold nights or comfortable, ever.

They really are the only solution I can come up with, apart from footed onesies which would need to have a bum flap which would just be a bit awkward. 

What 90's fashion invention do you wish was still around?


nicole said...

love this idea!
my pyjama pants always end up in the same position!
though i try to counteract it by tucking the bottom of the pants into my socks, it's super attractive as you could imagine ;)

Sally said...

I wore mine with oversized tracksuit dress/tops. It was a sweet look for sure.

Too funny about wriggling around so much in your sleep. Looking forward to a pic of your stirrup PJs!

2paw said...

Yes!! Me too, the pyjamas bunch up around my knees and I hate the tight cuffed style. I never wore them, but I will be interested in how you do. Have you thought of just adding a ribbed loop to the hem of your existing pyjamas???

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

Oh god did you have to remind me!? I lived in these stirrup pants they were way cool :)
I bought some $1 tights from Cotton On recently, I didnt realise it at the time but they are stirrup tights. I wear them without the stirrup though as I find it cuts the circulation off in my toes! Great for boots because nobody can tell the difference!