Sunday, 27 July 2014

The End

My bookcase is a little cram packed...

Way back at Christmas last year I received that white spined book up there.  Book 14 of the Wheel of Time series.  I don't remember how many year ago it was I started reading this series, maybe 6 or 7?  By the time I started, I think the series up to book 8 or 9 was already out so I had a good long slog of reading and getting to know the characters.

It's been a while in between reads so I decided to reread the series again before reading the last book.  Got to do the series justice after all.  So I started in January.  And I finished all fifteen books (there's one prequel as well) on the very last day of the school holidays.  Six and a half months of reading one series.  I read somewhere that there is somewhere around 14 000 pages in the series and about 4.4 million words. 

Needless to say, apart from painting a room of the country house, I didn't get a lot done during my school holidays apart from page turning.

So now I'm a bit lost.  How dare it finish there?! I've followed these characters in detail for two years of their lives.  Pivotal moments!! 

Can you recommend a good series for me?  After this, singular books just seem pitiful in story length.



nicole said...

Ben loves the Robert Jordan series and has been trying to get me to read it for years!
Don't know if I can commit to that many books though ha ha!
I really enjoyed the game of thrones series :D

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

That is why I stay away from series because I know I'll get hooked! I just started Bridget Jones third book this morning but just a few pages in and I feel like Im reading it because I've read the others and I have to, not because I particularly want to!!

ANB said...

Thanks for visiting me recently. I love Kate Forsyth's Witches of Eileanan series. Well written, original fantasy at its best.

2paw said...

I know exactly what you mean. That's a mammoth effort there, well done. It is hard to realise that it is over. Sooo many great series out there to read, maybe try some "Must read these" searches??? I'd recommend the Dragons of Pern books. Lots of those to read.