Friday, 24 June 2011

Belated bandwagon jumping

I used to love fashion as a teenager.  In fact I dreamt about becoming a famous designer one day, until I realised that my drawing and sewing skills were lacking, and that it would be really hard work to make any income out of it.  Yes, I'm a bit of a realist.

Over the years my interest in fashion has waned slightly as more and more fashion I thought was ugly came out.  Gypsy look, 80's look, harry-high-pants look, they are very not me.  And I never got into skinny leg jeans.  I have hips so I thought it would really just look quite ridiculous.  I have never really got into the "I'll-buy-it-because-then-I'll-be-in-fashion" idea.  If I don't like it or it makes me look like a misplaced hippy bag lady it stays behind.  I would rather look presentable in public in something that suits me than like one of those teenage disasters you see in the shopping centres walking around in clothes that Very Much Do Not Suit Them and that were Most Definitely Were Not Made For Your Body Type.  You know the ones that make you cringe when you see them?

Turns out though, either my tastes have changed or they don't look as ridiculous as expected because yesterday, inspired by wanting to show off my lovely new spanish leather boots and finding bootleg jeans just didn't tuck into boots well, I bought a pair of dark blue skinny leg jeans.  And they looked okay, even with ballet flats.

In fact, they looked so okay, today I bought another pair of skinny pants, this time in a black brushed-cotton-cords-without-the-stripes sort of look. (Yes, I am well out of touch with the accurate fashion terminology...)  They were on sale.  And I thought they might look quite nice with ballet flats and a dressy top for going out in. 

I haven't worn either of them out in public yet (so hopefully no one cringes at me) but either way, I have been sucked in to some very belated fashion bandwagon jumping.

Are you anti bandwagons?  Have you ever sucumbed to the trend in the end?


E. said...

If that pic is you then you look great. Don't be embarassed to go out in public.

Back in the early to mids 90's. I joined the tencel jean craze at the end. In lime green. I have no idea what I was thinking.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I gave up on the bandwagon after living in London for the Wham era!! Say no more! Now I tend to go for a more BoHo Chic look (op shop specials) if there is such a thing or comfy and not too tight and hopefully suits me Jeans are always a winner though :-)

yaga said...

I think it's cool that you stand your ground as long as you don't feel comfortable wearing something, but kudos to you for trying new things and adjusting your opinion! :o) I mostly go by another approach: If it feels good and fits my mood, I'll wear it, even if it is riddiculous. Doesn't make for a big fashion statement either ;o)

2paw said...

I wore extremely skinny jeans in the mid 80s, they were all the rage then too. Be confident and wear what feels and looks good to you. People are usually too busy worrying if they look OK to be thinking about you!! I have given up worrying about fashion per se, I pick and choose from what's on offer and mix and match with what I have. I hate it when they say, eg, long hair is in this season. Who can grow their hair long that quickly??!!