Friday, 3 June 2011

This week I'm grateful for...

... four day long weekends - it's a public holiday here in WA on Monday

... pseudoephedrine - my CML medication interacts with paracetamol and codeine so I'm not allowed to take them so when I got the first dreaded cold for the season this week I was ever so grateful that I can still take something to help.

... yummy smells coming from my oven - my wonderful MR cooked me a delicious roast dinner while I was resting whinging sick in bed (and he even washed the dishes!) and tonight my house was filled with the aromas of an oven baked chicken, pumpkin, tomato and leek risotto.  Mmm, it was tasty.

... freshly squeezed orange juice - hand squeezed by my muscly man (he does it so quickly and easily)

... my new convection gas heater - keeping me warm in the womb couch

... the rain - so nice to hear it on the roof for four nights in a row, first time that's happened in a long long time.  Even better, it reached a fair bit of the Wheatbelt in WA, which is in desperate need of it.

Head over to Maxabella's with me now.  I'll wandering through now while I wait for dinner to settle before I head to bed.  I've missed the last few weeks of gratefulness so I'm looking forward to a catch up.


Alice Becomes said...

YAY for long weekends!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting at Alice Becomes this week. I love Ahhh! The Possibilities too. So you are in Perth? We are in Margaret River, love to find WA bloggers!

Gill xo

Michelle said...

I need that recipe (please!) the last risotto I made was gluggy and inedible :(
Enjoy the long weekend lovey x

Amanda said...

Hasn't the rain been glorious this week, so nice listening to it in bed at night. I'm loving our gas heater this winter too. Enjoy the long weekend x

Anonymous said...

As much as being sick sucks, your house sounds like heaven right now. I love winter food, rain outside and wish we had a gas heater... mmm the risotto sounds especially yum!

Kellie said...

I love the sound of rain on the roof. But, as you can imagine, we get quite a lot of it here in Tassie!! :)

Anonymous said...

Aren't you lucky to have an in-house chef! I used to have one, but I think I overused him and he rebelled. Now I have to do all the cooking :(

Maxabella said...

I'm thinking of moving around Australia in line with public holidays. Three day weekends are the best!! x