Friday, 3 June 2011

An Unexpected Moment

"I think we went to school together, I was a couple of years younger than you." 

I found this a strange thing for someone to be saying to me.  Especially someone tall, thin and beautiful.  Someone who looked like she was definitely in the popular group.  Immaculately groomed, completely stylish. And I didn't recognise her.

Ten years since she had been in highschool, twelve since I had.  And she recognised me from school.  From a big school that had around 150+ girls in each year group.  And she was two years younger than me.  Now, to some people this may not be a strange thing but for me it was.  Normally I am the one recognising other people and them not recognising me. 

I was a bit of a nobody at school.  I didn't do any sports, I wasn't in any groups.  I wasn't smart or creative or pretty or funny.  I wasn't rich or outspoken or confident.  I wasn't in the popular group or the unpopular group.  I was a boarder for half of my time at the school and a day girl for the other half.  (It was like going to a whole new school making that transition.  New friends, new places to sit and eat lunch.  It's hard to keep those friendships strong with girls who you no longer live with 24/7 and can't hang out with after school or on the weekends.)  There was nothing about me that would have made me stand out from a crowd of 150 girls to anyone. 

But somehow I did.
I work with this girl.  I am a bit intimidated by her.  For no real reason though.  She is like a ballerina.  Pristine, stylish, self assured.  I am fluffy haired, daggy and uncertain.  On the outer we are oil and water.  

I don't really know her as we don't work together.  But if I did I would ask her.  Why did she recognise me?  How did I stand out when I felt lost in the crowd?  

And I wonder, what was she like at school?


2paw said...

I think I can solve this mystery, the clue is that she is younger than you. People in the younger classes always remember the older people, but rarely vice versa. Up there is the rarefied air of two years older you hardly ever even notice the younger ones, but they all notice you. You must have made an impression!!
I think the people in Young Talent Time have greater sophistication and glamour than I do, I'm just not alagent (As George on MasterChef would say!)

H is for ... said...

You should ask her if you get the chance. There are a lot of influences on high school students which possibly make them appear to be something they really aren't. Peer group pressure and all that.

You obviously stood out for a reason. Maybe she admired your ability to just be 'you'? She mentioned that she remembered you. I'd take that as a compliment!

Karls said...

Absolutely ask her. If there is something I've learned of late, it's that life is too short to wonder. Go for it! You might be pleasantly surprised by the answer.