Monday, 4 June 2012

The next sewing project

Will hopefully take place tomorrow, or rather, today seeing as it is after midnight already.

Now that I have my lovely new baby, my macbook, and I've ordered it a pretty decal, the next job is to make it a case.  While there are loads of realllllly pretty ones on etsy, I am perfectly capable of making one myself and I have a reallllllllllly big stash of fabric that just gets added too and not often gets used from.  So this is the perfect opportunity to actually use a pretty fat quarter or two and get sewing.

Luckily, I will have some motivation.  Sally is coming around for an arvo of craft.  I am quite dreadful at doing much sewing by myself for some reason.  I seem to want sewing to be a social thing.  Is this a result of 4 years of home economics classes at high school I wonder?  Maybe I just like the idea of having someone there to help me when (because it really is when and not if) I stuff up.

Either way, Sally is a very clever sewer and super social.  So I will be all set!

Here's some pretty ones I've drooled over on etsy while looking for inspiration....

1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... 6 ... 7 ... 8 ... 9

Seems like I'm going through a bit of a naturals and blue phase!

I think I've decided I like the envelope look but I want mine to have a strap and a pocket or two as well so we'll just see what turns out tomorrow...



Sally said...

Yes... I really must get to bed myself ready for a crafty afternoon :) I'm planning on cutting out that quilt that I still haven't even cut out!!! That or the skirt for Cam's sew along which I haven't finished yet.
See you... later today!

Catherine said...

I like your choices, I'm a bit of a naturals fan too. The first one is really pretty. Enjoy hanging out with Sally I bet the two of you will have fun creating together. x

2paw said...

I know this won't be the right size, but I have been eyeing this bag off for a while now. It has a strap and a pocket you could add to your envelope??
I totally agree that social sewing, or crafting, makes it all go a lot smoother and it is so much fun.
I can see the blue and natural theme!!!