Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Child acquisition

Next week, providing I have kicked the cold I currently have in the butt, MR and I are going to have his five year old nephew over to stay for a couple of nights, or as MR said on the phone to his brother "When can we acquire B for a couple of nights?".  I'm pretty excited.  B is an awesome little boy and I love doing fun kid stuff.  This will be the second time he's stayed at our place but the first time he's stayed when MR is home too.  Last time he stayed we were going to make gingerbread men but we spent too long at the aquatic centre going down the water slide so we ran out of time.  So gingerbread men are definitely on the cards for this time. 

I have all these ideas of stuff we can do.  MR is liking the idea of him staying but this will also be his first ever experience of 'parenting'.  He's spent time with B before but never looked after him.  So I think he's a bit wary of just what it will involve and how much time to himself he's going to get... (none).  I suggested we go to see the new Ice Age movie.  B lives in the country so doesn't get to go to the movies very often.  That idea was jumped on by MR because (just like me) he loves cartoon movies.  Only thing is, MR is anti regular seating in the movies so decided he will be quite happy to fork out for a gold class ticket for B just so he can have the comfty big recliner seats, a cheese platter and a couple of scotch and cokes.

We're going to have him for two nights so there's plenty of time to do lots of stuff.  My other ideas were the zoo and make a softie with him from one of his drawings (he is going through a big drawing phase at the moment).  I have a cool set of colour changing textas to give him as a little present as well.  My house is overflowing with picture books so there will be plenty of stories to read before bed but we need to buy some bath toys because last time he stayed he was quite astounded that we didn't have any.  I've been thinking of what other things we could do with him.  City things that aren't available in the country.  Like the museum or AQWA or ice skating. 

And I'm more than open to ideas - what fun stuff are you doing with your kids these holidays?



San @ Made in Hem said...

Wow, it all sounds great! I wish my children had an auntie like you...
Hope you three have lots of fun!!!

Amanda said...

What fun and good practice for your other half :) We loved AQWA last time we were there - so easy for little ones to see everything up close. The zoo would be good for a wander around too, I like it better in cooler weather as it can get quite hot there walking around all day. I'll be interested to see what others suggest too... Hope you feel better soon x

Maggie said...

I heard they've got dinosaurs at the museum right now, would tie in well with the ice age movie, though apparently the displays are pretty scary!

CurlyPops said...

My nephews love making anything crafty - they love to colour, cut their drawings into pieces and then stick them back together with lots of stickytape to make all sorts of creations.
They also just love simple stuff like building blocks or making lego.
Oh, and making pancakes, especially if they're allowed to use the electric beater, and flip the pancakes over while they're cooking.

2paw said...

You sound very well prepared and it will be a very exciting couple of days. I love all your ideas. I also think some fun 'sometimes' food experience are always a good aunty and uncle thing to do.