Monday, 30 July 2012

He loves me...

I'm sure we all played the daisy love game as kids and teenagers. There's always (with me anyhow) been that doubt in relationships. That thought of 'but does he really?' Even with MR. He is six years younger than me, we've been together since he was 19. So that little niggle of doubt has hung around over the years.

Until last year. It's a pretty big thing, supporting your partner through finding out they have leukaemia and then 6 months later embarking on a liver transplant and recovery with them. Not to mention the supporting of said partner for the next ten months financially while they are off work. It's a fair amount for a 23-24 year old to take on board.

Of course, when things were starting to look pretty shit in hospital I did give him a free pass with my full permission to run screaming for the hills if he wasn't coping. He declined. (Thank god!) So now the doubting dust motes are gone. No longer tempting me to become fascinated by their glowing sparkle in the light.

I've been having some loving moments these last few days. The type where I sit in the glorious Winter sun and reflect on just how lucky I am. And seeing as the man himself is currently at work and not here to listen to me sing his praises I thought I might just do it here. He's on night shift at the moment and I know he reads my blog (hi honey x) when he has a quiet night so I thought it might be a nice surprise when he next pays a visit.

So it doesn't get all sickly sweet for the rest of you I thought I'd limit myself to ten things I love about him. When we first got together I prompted a bit of list making out of him, one of which was 5 things that make you feel treasured but I don't remember ever doing a things we love list. So here goes. Feel free to scroll past if you're not MR. But maybe it'll inspire you to make a list of your own. Because after all, we all like to be told how special we are sometimes.

Ten things I love about my amazing man

He is my solid, calm, strong rock who has supported me through so much and who makes me feel stronger and calmer.

He is a wonderful listener and talker. If there's one thing long distance relationships teach you, it's the value of a good conversation.

He has possibly the most gorgeous set of shoulders and arms in the world ever. (there may be some bias here)

He holds my hand whenever we're out, he tells me he loves me every day and he blows me kisses in front of his friends.

He loves the Meow as much as I do.

He puts up with my dreadful sleeping habits, even when I keep him awake til past 1am talking.

He likes to cook and he is good at it. No need to say more!

He is very clever. If I ask him a question about any old thing he almost always knows the answer and he is super clever with his hands as well. He can fix and make all sorts of stuff!

He hugs his mum and dad and tells them he loves them.

He pretends he's tough and rough and certainly does a good job at presenting that image but really he's just a big softy with a huge heart who is willing to help out friends any way needed. And who smiles at babies in the checkouts at the supermarket. Ok, he's not really fooling anyone.

I love you honey.

I could so easily keep going! I'd love to read your lists if your do the same...


Michelle said...

That is so beautiful it sounds like you have met your match, I hope those warm and fuzzy feelings of love last for a lifetime x

Colleen said...

Beautiful :)

Bron said...

Oh so so sweet ...he sounds like a true keeper. xx

2paw said...

You are very lucky and well matched!! I am sure he will have a lovely surprise when he reads that!