Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Exercise apps

So, I didn't make it to Liver Gym at 10 on Monday morning. In fact, I was just getting up at 10.  Woops!  After not getting to sleep until after three though I sort of gave up on the idea of gym anyhow.  I did end up making it out into the glorious Winter sunshine for a walk this afternoon though.  First time I've got my sneakers out since Run for Reason back at the end of May.  That really is a bit naughty!  Hopefully I'm back on track now though.  MR is on board for another reward at the end of the month if I make it.  It really is the best way to make me work! 

At breakfast with Dad on Sunday we were discussing the whole exercise thing and next year Dad wants to join me in jogging the 4kms in the Run for a Reason.  Great, you think... but my dad's idea of exercise is doing a bit of gardening.  Doing the walk this year was his only proper exercise so far this year.  He needs to lose at least 25kg.  So, I'm hoping this is the motivation he needs to get out and do something.  I've told him he needs to go for a walk once a week for the next few weeks and then after he gets back from an overseas business trip it needs to go up to twice a week.  I just have to jump straight back into the three times a week thing, but my fitness level is considerably higher than Dad's.

I've been looking at exercise apps for my phone to download and use.  Currently I use Runkeeper but I want something a bit more.  I've got the Nike app on my phone but I can't work out how to make it work, I press the button and it says 'walk around to activate the sensor' - so I do, but it doesn't.  What apps do you use?  I was thinking about the couch to 5k one but I don't really want to just go out and run all the time, I like to change it up a bit.  Gym, yoga, maybe some zumba...

Recommendations happily received!

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