Friday, 21 September 2012

Missing mojo

I've lost my mojo lately.
Not just my crafting mojo, or my blogging mojo but all my mojo. 

I have a stack of overripe bananas that I should make into yummy banana bread.

I have an embroidered clock waiting for numbers and clock parts to be added.

I have a mosaic waiting to be grouted and then sealed.

I have many other unfinished crafty projects.

I have a garden filling up with weeds and not much else.

I have a very messy craft room.

I have tax that really needs to be done.

I have two ginormous stacks of washing to put away because thankfully I still have managed to find enough energy to do a load here and there this week.

I have a September One Task a Day calendar missing many, many ticks.

I have a get together to organise for my liver's first birthday.

I have downloaded some new music to exercise to but have not yet exercised to it.

The list is growing.
And I am completely uninspired to do anything about it.

How's your list looking lately?


2paw said...

Well, I totally forgot about doing anything Septembery at all. I think it is a ntaural part of the yearly cycle to be listless or overwhelmed. You have so many things, maybe you should just choose one thing to do and accidentally forget the others???!!!

Bron said...

Nice to see you back even if you have no will pass and the warmer months will bring warmth and energy to bring back your go I bet. Have a lovely weekend. xx

San @ Made in Hem said...

I have not been crafty or bloggy all Summer... And not that I didn't want to be but there was no time somehow and when there was a little gap I couldn't think of what to do and decided on some high-needed cleaning instead.
Last week I accidentally finished knitting two sweaters but this week there's been nothing! Well, nothing is not the right word since there were appointments and birthday parties and they were okay too. It was good to see my friends and enjoy the moment!
Your mojo will be back! I just can't tell you when... :(

Maggie said...

I always lose my mojo when I'm tired. I've been going to bed with the two year old so even if I have mojo right now it isn't getting much of a run...

sarah said...

Sounds like me! I think the only thing to do is ride it out. Once you eventually get the motivation to do one of those tasks, the rest will fall into place. Start with a fun one!

Ian said...

I lose my Mojo at 3 every afternoon :-( - dammTKIs

Wendy Sice said...

It might look like I have lost my mojo because I've barely been posting on my blog or visiting other blogs, or even reading lately! But school has been INSANELY busy, and we have achieved A LOT.

School holidays in one week. Can.not. wait! :)

Christie DescribeHappy said...

I'm sure your mojo will return in no time.. and I was really excited to see your grouted mosaic on instgram. It's looking great!