Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wood Lovers Anonymous

Hello, my name is Megan and I really love wood stuff. 

Any wood stuff - be it in its natural state of tree or chopped down to make furniture or little bits of pretty.

I love it all!

I also really love clocks.  Cuckoo clocks to be precise and I have always wanted to get one - one day.  But then Amanda very kindly offered me one that used to belong to her father.  It was destined for the op shop pile unless I wanted it.  Did I ever!!!!! 

How gorgeous is this clock?! It was also really nice to go over to Amanda's place and meet her for the first time, she has an amazing home - the type that looks like it belongs in magazine pages it is so beautifully decorated.  You can check it out on her blog, Homely One.

I love the pendulum blur in this shot

In its new home next to the wooden bookshelf and the wooden bookends...

The best shot I could get of the cuckoo

I feel so lucky to have been offered such a gorgeous piece, I love listening to it cuckoo and counting what time it is.  MR is a big fan as well, so much so that he took over setting it up and hanging it when I wasn't even home to join in.  Thank you so much Amanda!

My other latest wooden piece I got down south on my birthday trip.  It is a hand turned mushroom made out of a banksia nut!  Isn't it gorgeous?  I love facing it this way because it looks like a little face and makes me think of May Gibb's Banksia Men (even though when I was little I thought they were scary)  I am quite in love with it.

It is also a little container, although goodness knows what I would put inside?  Some potpourri maybe?

With some of out other favourite bits of wooden stuff

 Unfortuntely, my love for wooden stuff does not make for very colourful display shelves.  I need to do something about that!



Michelle said...

The clock looks gorgeous what a nice Mr to hang it up for you and what a nice surprise :-) you could put your wood items on a tray or sit them on white furniture so they stand out more x

Amanda said...

Oh Megan, I'm SO glad you and MR got the cuckoo clock put together and it's working!! I love it on the wall next to your bookshelf (love the blurred pendulum photo too). I hadn't seen what the cuckoo bird looked like :) I'm SO glad it's gone to someone who appreciates it and that I know who ended up with it, rather than it just going to the op shop :) I enjoyed meeting you that day too and thank you for your SUPER kind words about my home.

Your wooden mushroom is very cute (definitely put some pot purri in that one) and very May Gibbs like :)

When we get our white cabinets and shelves on either side of our heater one day, I'm hoping to get some lovely wooden turned pieces to contrast with all the white and have on display. Am trying to catch up on your posts I've missed now while Sophie is napping...