Tuesday, 16 July 2013


That's the number of pages I have read so far this year. 30 books.

6 of them in the past 11 days. 

I finish one, faff around the house for a while doing odds and ends but not really committing to anything of real importance. 

And then start another. 

My bedside stack has dwindled to just one. 

Mass reading, while a definite holiday pleasure, is also a sign of mine. A sign of lack of coping. Of attempting to escape from something. 

In this case it's the empty house. My 'just weekends' now with MR are taking more adjustment than anticipated. It feels too much like a step backwards. It's not. But the less time together leaves an ache in my heart. I feel lost. 

The end of next year feels a very long way away. There are things to be done in that time. And then we can finally, after seven and a half years, live together full time. 



Bron said...

Impressive reading list.....it must be tough I certainly couldn't do the living apart thing...and having just spent a whole week away together he is even more precious. xxxx

2paw said...

Oh, it is hard. I did the living apart thing for not as long as you, and it is not ideal. The time will fly, I am positive!!
I haven't been reading so much. I am sure my reading will pick up after the holidays next week!!
I think you should give MR a text or a phone call, he'd not want you to be feeling sad.

Maggie said...

Beng apart is so tough!