Sunday, 28 July 2013

Wear, wash, iron, repeat


I have been known, once in a while, to insanely purchase clothing items that need ironing. 

I know, I know. 

I wear, wash, iron and repeat a few times and then I tend to get a bit stuck between the wash and iron stage of the cycle.  It's not because I hate ironing because I don't.  It's a much worse reason.  I am a bit of a lazy bum. 

This weekend I decided to do some ironing because MR needed a shirt ironed and I thought well, while I have it out I may as well do the rest.  There wasn't that much really.  Two dresses and a pair of pants of mine and six shirts of MR's.  And, wouldn't you know it, another pair of pants I forgot I even had.  I was ironing a pair of grey pants and tried to work out when I wore them last.  I think it was last Winter.  I thought to myself I should have bought a pair of these in black, these are nice pants. Continued ironing a couple more shirts and then what do you know, the next thing in the stack is a pair of black pants of the same style of the grey ones.

On the plus side, my work wardrobe options have just increased a lot more.

Are you a bit slack in some areas? Come on, make me feel like less of a lazy tart.


2paw said...

Oh that's so funny, you must have thought exactly the same thing when you bought the first pair of trousers!! I only iron when I need to wear something because if I iron a whole lot of clothes and hang them up, when I go to wear them I see wrinkles and I have to iron them all over again.
I am lazy at pretty much all housework except cooking. I love that. I do actually like ironing and once a year I wash lots of Christmas material small pieces and then iron them ready for crafting. There's such a feeling of a job well done. I am mad, you know!!

Amanda said...

I'm not a huge fan of ironing, not because it's a chore I don't like, it's just time consuming :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog today, I was interested to read that everything your class have been learning about is the same as Grace's class. Grace is still at the same kindy this year, she's changing schools next year when she starts pre-primary :) Hope you've settled back into term 3 x

sarah said...

Thats hilarious. Nice to have an expanded winter wardrobe without having to leave the house or spend money!

Ironing sucks! I hardly do it for my clothes. One of my sister's friend's mum had an 'ironing room'! She had two ironing boards set up in a spare room. I think that part of my issue is pulling the iron and ironing board out. Maybe if it was already good to go it wouldn't feel like so much of a chore?

Michelle said...

I havent pulled out my iron in about 3 years! I only buy clothes that dont need ironing, yep Im that lazy :)

Bron said...

That is funny...i don't mind ironing little by little. xxx