Thursday, 1 August 2013

Shopping for an occasion

Not too long after my transplant a few years ago, I found myself out at the shops looking for a whole new set of clothing for a particular occasion.  The occasion of having to be stuck in hospital and wanting to wear something other than pyjamas. 

Now don't get me wrong, I do love my pyjamas and happily wear them all day when I'm not feeling the best.  But sometimes you have visitors, or want to pop down to the cafeteria for something more palatable than the hospital meal you've been served.  And sometimes you just want to have proper clothes on in the off chance that the doctors will look at you, see that you're dressed, presume you are well and send you home.*

Winter hospital clothing is quite easy, trackie dacks or yoga pants, a few loose tees and some cardies or zip up jackets.  Jumpers are no good due to cannulas sticking out of your arm in awkward places and having your obs done every hour or so.  I also like to buy the stretchy crop top bras because they are more comfortable to lounge around in if you feel the desire to bother putting one on.

Summer hospital attire is a little bit more difficult.  There really is nothing that compares in comfort and coolness to a pair of boxers.  I've purchased a few trial items such as knee length trackies but am still looking for just the right garment for the bottom half.  Yoga pants sometimes work okay as the air con is usually set to The North Pole.

Luckily at the moment it is Winter and my wardrobe now has sufficient amounts of trackie dacks and loose tees.  Luckily, I was up to date on my washing.

Have you ever shopped for a strange occasion?

* unfortunately this has not yet happened to me.


2paw said...

No, but I fear I am missing chunks of a proper wardrobe, eg a proper going out dress. Mainly my strange occasion clothes have been for school on Book Week or whatever. Once I was dressed up for Ye Olde Days day at school and a man crashed into the back side part of my car. No-one hurt but I had to get out in the middle of town dressed like Ma from Little House on the Prairie!!!

E. said...

I have shopped for similar things to you but I was looking for undies and track pants that would go above or under the cut from the caesarean.

I hope you aren't stuck in hospital or too long.

Margret said...

I don't know what they are called but do you know those pants, knee length, yoga waistband, very full so they look like a skirt? They might work well for the summer, hopefully you won't need special hospital attire then though.