Monday, 19 August 2013

The Really Just Right Shoes

Today while reading Maxabella Loves I came across a new little group to join.  My type of group that might encourage me to write a bit more, something I've been wanting to do for a while but am entirely very slack about actually doing.

The Blogfast Club is run by katesaysstuff but it seem to have a different home each week so we can all tour the traps.  This week it is being hosted by Syrenex.

So I sat straight down and came up with this little short story for the theme this week which is a children's story about New Shoes.  This is a ten minute job and could probably do with lots of tweaking before being sent out into space but that's the good thing about this sort of writing, it's just about putting it down and getting it out there.  No need for perfection and I can always come back and fine tune it for my own benefits at a later date.

Also, please ignore the fact that the picture does not at all relate to the shoes in the story, we'll just gloss over that part...

The Really Just Right Shoes

Last night as Mum and I tidied up my bedroom Mum said I need new shoes.

“No way!” I said.  My shoes are just right.  They are red and they have lights that flash and even though the Velcro doesn’t stay stuck together and I kick them off when I play soccer in the playground, they are still just right for me.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have some different shoes though?” Mum asks me.

“No. I like my shoes how they are.  They are comfortable and they don’t squeak and even though the sole is coming off of one they are really just right.”

“How about if we looked for some just the same then,” Mum asked as she tucked me into bed.

“No, there’s really no need Mum.  My shoes are so quick and easy to put on even though they are actually a bit hard to put on because they are tight at the toes and I have to stomp a bit to get my foot in.  But they are still Just Right.”

“Hrm.” says Mum and she looked at me.  You know that look where her eyebrows go up and her mouth goes together all scrunchy-like to the side and she just waits.  That one.  I looked back.  It lasted a little while.

I know what that look means.  Mum uses it all the time.  It means Have you really thought about what you are saying?

“Mum, really.  They are Really Just Right.  Even though there is a hole in one toe they are.  They Really Are.”

Mum just kept on looking at me with That Look.

I sighed.

Maybe she’s right.


Virginia Kop said...

Lovely story, enjoyed it right to the end - knew you would win the fight about new shoes!

Maxabella said...

Love it, Megan! I have my own version of that look that seems to get the job done at my place too.

What is it with kids and fave shoes. I remember being just like that as a kid myself. Now I leap for joy at the idea of a new pair... x

Wendy Sice said...

Adorable! I straight away saw it as a picture book. Although I see your ending as the middle part of a book, and the shopping for new shoes bit as the rest of the book. Just a thought. :) said...

Ah yes, I have 'That Look' too! Love your work!

Syrenex said...

Oh, Yes, I can see all that happening and have a well practiced "That Look" xox Thanks for joining in! said...

Sorry I didn't read this sooner! A lovely little story, "That Look" is definitely relatable! said...

Also, a gentle reminder that if you are joining in this week, the challenge was to write ahaiku with the prompt "smile". Linking up to Kop's Kattery!