Sunday, 25 August 2013

Life lessons

Last night I was just about to fall into bed when I realised I had yet to take off my makeup. And I wondered, why don't I ever take it off as soon as I get home? Instead, every makeup wearing night I ponder the actual harm of going to bed in it. And sometimes, even though I know better, I still do.

It got me thinking about other little life lessons I am still working on learning. Things I know I should do but am just not quite there yet...


Put it away once you're finished with it.

Case in point: look at all those things I hadn't put away until
yesterday when I cleaned my desk.

If you don't try it won't happen. 

Eat five serves of veggies every day (yesterday's pitiful effort was a big fat zero).

Everyone is neither talking about you or judging you.

Don't put off til tomorrow what you can do today.

Every hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after it. 

Exercise regularly.

Of course, after making that depressing list that makes me sound like a fussy make up wearing five year old, I had to counter it by listing the life lessons I have learnt... 

Appreciate the small things. 

Have regular conversations with your partner. 

Take time for yourself (I do this way too well). 

Do things you enjoy. 

Pity I still sound like a fussy make up wearing five year old (with a boyfriend). 

What makes your lists of still learning and achieved?


2paw said...

I read about that: always take your make up off!!
I am trying hard to be aware of why I am thinking the way I am.I was really cross the other day and I realised I was worried about Peri.
I am also making a big effort to organise my wardrobe- such that it is!!
Nice desk organisation by the way!!

Margret said...

Even though I know better I'm a shocker too at taking my makeup off. I know what I'm like well enough now to acknowledge that I'm more than likely not going to wash it off so I've just stopped wearing it. Too lazy to put it on and too lazy to take it off!
Luckily though I have learned that people really aren't judging me or talking me, so liberating!
I know. I should drink more water but don't.

Michelle said...

I slept in my make up last night too and have a nice red pimple popping up on my chin for my efforts or lack thereof. Bugger! Usually I wash it off as soon as I get home from work, its just the weekends I tend to forget sometimes. As for the vegetables, well thats what a multi vitamin is for :)

Jodie Sinclair said...

All sound and valid pieces of advice. But don't worry, you are not alone .. I too often fail to be a grown up and take my makeup off. I argue with myself in bed that panda eyes in the morning won't be so bad!

Sally said...

Oh it is such an ongoing process this life learning caper... where to start?